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Scanpan Cookware


Scanpan Cookware is one of Europe's leading brands having perfected non stick cookware and is now Australia's favourite brand of premium cookware. Most people don't want to know the science of cookware, they just want to know it works, its reliable, easy to clean and cooks a nice dinner.  Scanpan achieves this day in, day out in thousands of kitchens around Australia.

  • Scanpan Classic Cookware

    Scanpan Classic Cookware
    Scanpan's legendary non-stick titanium ceramic cookware, now comes with an environmentally friendly surface call Green-Tek. The Scanpan Classic range combines performance and durability. 
  • Scanpan Clad 5 Cookware

    Scanpan Clad 5 Cookware
    Scanpan Clad5 is one of the best 5 ply clad stainless steel cookware sets on the market. Recently developed by the company's Danish designers, it is beautiful to cook with.
  • Scanpan Cookware Sets

    Scanpan Cookware Sets
    Scanpan Cookware is significantly cheaper when in bought as a set. We have the largest range of Scanpan cookware sets available in Australia with massive savings up to 66%.
  • Scanpan Coppernox Cookware

    Scanpan Coppernox Cookware
    Scanpan Coppernox Cookware range uses latest technology to produce silicone stay cool inserts in the handles and a superior copper disc insert into the base to provide better heat control.
  • Scanpan Copper Cookware

    Scanpan Copper Cookware
    Scanpan have combined the beautiful look of copper cookware with the practical application of their superior 5 layer stainless interior. Looks and performance.
  • Scanpan CSX Cookware

    Scanpan CSX Cookware
    Scanpan CSX is professional weight 5-ply stainless steel cookware designed specifically for fine dining restaurants. Ultra durable construction and super heat conductivity that will last a life time.
  • Scanpan CTX Cookware

    Scanpan CTX Cookware
    Scanpan CTX is a revolutionary range of non-stick cookware designed in Denmark. Heavy duty 5ply stainless steel body is coupled with Scanpan's premium Green-Tek ceramic titanium non-stick surface.
  • Scanpan Commercial Cookware

    Scanpan Commercial Cookware
    Restaurant tested in Denmark, the Scanpan Commercial Cookware range will be sure to see you through from simple to even them most adventurous of culinary tasks with its commercial strength.
  • Scanpan Evolution

    Scanpan Evolution
    NEW; Evolution continues the brands legacy and commitment to innovative quality cookware. Professionally designed and manufactured in Denmark using patented ceramic titanium non-stick durable surface coating.
  • Scanpan Impact Cookware

    Scanpan Impact Cookware
    Scanpan Impact cookware shows that you don't have to sacrifice quality for affordability. The impacted bonded base provides good heat transfer while the glass lids allow for easy monitoring of cooking.
  • Scanpan Induction Plus

    Scanpan Induction Plus
    SCANPAN has pushed the benchmark in cookware technology and Induction + is the latest. Induction + is cookware constructed from 100% recycled aluminium and is oven safe to 260°C. High quality - made in Denmark.
  • Scanpan IQ Cookware

    Scanpan IQ Cookware
    Scanpan IQ cookware, revolutionary new cookware incorporating the new Scanpan Silencio System. Designed and Manufactured in Denmark it is the pinnacle in modern cookware. Induction surface compatible. 
  • Scanpan Knives

    Scanpan Knives
    If you love Scanpan Cookware you will love Scanpan Knives. Featuring the same Danish quality and design ethic these knives have become a hit. 
  • Scanpan Roasting Pan

    Scanpan Roasting Pan
    A wide range from non-stick to copper and stainless steel to name a few. Depending on your preference you know Scanpan has the right option for you when it comes to roasters
  • Scanpan Spectrum Knives

    Scanpan Spectrum Knives
    Take up the challenge and blow a little colour into your kitchen. Scanpan have developed these sculptured new knives that bring fun to the kitchen.
  • Scanpan Maitre'D Cookware

    Scanpan Maitre'D Cookware
    Scanpan Maitre'D combines modern sophistication with classical French design. Wonderful for serving entrees and desserts, its 5 Layer fusion design means it performs well on the stove.
  • Scanpan Accessories

    Scanpan Accessories
    From steamers to egg poachers, roasting racks to pot cleaner we have all the genuine Scanpan accessories that will take you Scanpan cookware to a whole new level.
  • Scanpan Pressure Cookers

    Scanpan Pressure Cookers
    Scanpan brings its hallmark quality to its superb range of stainless steel pressure cookers. Heavy duty stainless for maximum durability and a  thick impact bonded base for even heat distribution.
  • Scanpan Cutting Boards

    Scanpan Cutting Boards
    Scanpan's range of stylish timber cutting boards are made from European Beechwood. They bear all the hallmarks of quality you come to expect from from this premium cookware brand.
  • Scanpan Kitchen Utensils

    Scanpan Kitchen Utensils
    Beautiful hollow handles are well balanced and can be tossed straight into the dishwasher. Seamless,  these utensils will last a lifetime as well as being hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Scanpan Replacement Lids

    Scanpan Replacement Lids
    Accidents happen and occasional you drop and break a lid. Don't toss your cookware out, we have genuine Scanpan replacement lids at Australia's most competitive prices.