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Tojiro Knives

All Tojiro Knives come with a lifetime manufacturers warranty against workmanship defects.

  • Tojiro Flash Knives

    Tojiro Flash Knives
    The new Tojiro Flash range of Japanese kitchen knives makes centuries of Samurai sword making tradition and expertise accessible to everyone. Testing under laboratory conditions, Tojiro Flash has been found to be one of the sharpest kitchen knife ranges on the market.
  • Tojiro DP3 Knives

    Tojiro DP3 Knives
    The Tojiro DP3 range of Japanese kitchen knives are a no nonsense performance knife. The 3-Layer DP Clad Blade is super hard, razor sharp and with the classical chefs handle is comfortable and suitable for any conditions. Also available in a layered Damascus version.
  • Tojiro Narihira Knives

    Tojiro Narihira Knives
    The Tojiro Narihira range is a traditional styled Japanese knife. With traditional single bevel edges of quality stainless steel & magnolia wood handles. These excellent knives combine traditional styling with modern blade making technology for the best of both worlds.
  • Tojiro Knife Sharpeners

    Tojiro Knife Sharpeners
    High performance knives like Tojiro deserve good quality knife sharpening. Tojiro have a comprehensive range of stones and an excellent pull through sharpener to ensure that you continue to get maximum performance out of your Tojiro knives.
  • Tojiro Kiri Cutting Boards

    Tojiro Kiri Cutting Boards
    The Tojiro Professional cutting boards are made from specially selected soft but durable Kiri wood. It will protect the fine edge of your quality Japanese or European Chef knives preventing the edges from turning and allowing longer between sharpening.
  • Sha Ra Ku Mono Knives

    Sha Ra Ku Mono Knives
    Designed by Komin Yamada (designer of the original Global knife) and used by famed chef Heston Blumenthal, the Sha Ra Ku Mono offers superior cutting performance and durability which is both hygienic and food safe. The only knife in the New York Museum of Modern Art.