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Baking Dishes

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Discover our range of fabulous baking dishes including ceramic and glass baking dishes at Everten. We stock a huge range in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as baking dishes with lids, perfect for slow baking.

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A baking dish is an indispensable item in the kitchen. From hearty lasagnas or pasta bakes to roasted Mediterranean vegetables, a quality baking dish is essential. While a functional and plain baking dish is often all that is needed for everyday cooking, having one that''s aesthetically pleasing and insta-worthy makes food presentation all the better. Great presentation is always important, whether the occasion is formal or casual, baking dishes that function as oven-to-tableware ensure this aspect of entertaining. We have an array of baking dishes in both vibrant shades and soft pastels to suit your home. Baking dishes also come in many shapes, including square, round, oval and fluted. The Emile Henry range is both attractive and unique - adding a certain je ne sais quoi to your table.

Choosing the right baking dish

Every kitchen needs at least one baking dish. Finding the right baking dish ultimately depends on your budget and needs. Before purchasing one, consider these factors below:

Size and Shape: Consider the number of servings you regularly make and whether you need a large baking dish or a small one. Whatever baking dish size or shape you choose, just be sure that it has enough room to fit the ingredients you want to cook. A square baking dish is ideal for baking desserts like brownies. Go for the rectangular dish if you're thinking of roasting bigger meats like chicken, turkey or a pork roast.

Features: Look for a sturdy baking dish that's easy to transport from oven to table. Having thick walls ensure your dish has a solid foundation to hold its weight and the dish itself. A baking dish with a lid comes in handy to help keep heat distributed evenly and also keep food moist while in the oven. Handles are very useful - particularly any type of handle that is thick and protrudes enough for you to pull your dish out of the oven easily with oven mitts on.

Sets: Consider a baking dish set if you use the oven more than your stovetop. Some brands offer baking sets that come in different sizes or in sets of 2 or 4, allowing you to bake more dishes simultaneously.

Materials: Baking dishes are made from a variety of materials that includes ceramic, glass, cast iron and enamelware.

Choosing the right material for your baking dish

Ceramic baking dishes

Often the most common option and are available in a wide range of colours to match your other enamelled cookware. Baking dishes that are made from porcelain and stoneware all fall under the same category. A ceramic baking dish will heat up slowly but evenly, allowing it to retain heat well. This type of material is also less vulnerable to thermal shock. When choosing a baking dish, pick one with a smooth interior glaze for easier clean-up and less scrubbing.

Glass baking dishes

Whilst glass baking dishes may not be the most presentable, they are favoured as a reliable choice that gives you excellent baking results. A glass baking dish is similar to a ceramic baking dish in terms of heat retention and even heat dispersion. When choosing a glass casserole dish, pick the type of glass that is oven-safe and preferably a tempered glass type to prevent from chipping or breaking. The downside to glass is that it is susceptible to thermal shock, so be sure your casserole dish is cooled down before having contact with cold water.

Enamel baking dishes

Typically made from heavy steel and porcelain fused together to form a durable type of material that can withstand high temperatures on an open flame as well as on a stovetop or the oven. Falcon Enamel baking dishes are high-quality, are less susceptible to damage from heat-shock and provide even heat distribution. They are also designed to stackable, making these baking dishes space-efficient to fit into tighter cupboards or drawers in your kitchen.

Enamelled cast iron baking dishes

The most robust baking dishes and can withstand high temperatures in your oven. A cast iron baking dish can also be used on top of any stovetop as well as in the oven. Cast iron cookware is known to be one of the best for conducting heat and having the most consistent heat dispersion for even baking results.

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What are the different types of baking dishes?

Baking dishes come in many forms such as; casserole dishes, pie dishes, lasagne dishes, ramekins (small baking dishes), pudding bowls, quiche dishes and many more. A baking dish can also perform similar tasks as roasting pans or baking trays depending on the type of dish.

What are the advantages of using a baking dish?

A baking dish is versatile and useful for various one-pan meals or baked dishes. From comforting foods like potato baked and pasta bake to delightful chocolate brownies or a hearty roast chicken, a baking dish is one of the most versatile pieces of cookware. Most baking dishes come in a variety of vibrant colours with a beautiful smooth gloss making them suitable to serve straight from oven to table.