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Ceramic Knives

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If you're looking for a kitchen knife that's highly durable and lightweight, you need ceramic knives. Ceramic is the hardest material known to man, second to only diamonds. Resistant to acids & caustic substances, ceramic knives won't corrode or rust, maintaining a sharper edge for longer. Shop the best ceramic knives online at the best prices in Australia. Browse ceramic knives from Kyocera & Savannah.

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Ceramic Knives Australia

Ceramic is the second hardest material known to man behind diamonds. Ceramic knives hold their edge over 10 times as long as steel knives whilst being inert and preventing your delicate fruits and vegetables from browning. Exceptionally light weighted, they are good for people spending a lot of time cutting. Avoid Chinese ceramic knives which generally are not pure and tend to be a lot softer and weaker. The Japanese make the best ceramic knives.