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There is something special about a good quality mug or coffee cup that can make enjoying a fresh cup of tea or coffee an even more pleasurable experience. Browse our incredible range of coffee cups and mugs at Everten from some of the best tableware and teaware brands.

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Whether you are a tea or coffee drinker, finding the right coffee cup or suitable tea cup can make all the difference in how you enjoy them. Whether it is the way you hold the cup or how comfortable it feels in your hands, to the feeling when your lips touch the cup to take your first sip. All these sensory factors can make the simple tasks of making yourself a coffee or pouring a cup of tea so much more or less enjoyable.

Thankfully at Everten we have done the hard work of sourcing and ranging the right kinds of coffee cups or tea cups, covering everything from their sizes, to the material types and brands to even the colour and shapes, so you can be confident you will find the right coffee cups to suit your preference, style and home.

What kind of materials are coffee cups made of?

There's a variety of different materials to choose from, each with their own benefits and features. The most popular material types of coffee cups and mugs tend to be:

  • Porcelain: one of the most common types of ceramic coffee mugs, porcelain cups are considered an expensive type of ceramic or more fancy due to their glass-like feel in the hands and on the lips. A well-glazed porcelain coffee cup is generally more expensive to make than traditional ceramic cups both in terms of their shapes and finish. They also tend to feel daintier and lighter weight than traditional ceramic mugs. Their quality glaze however should be able to withstand staining more than stoneware and ceramic, making them easier to clean hence why they're more commonly used in hospitality environments.

  • Stoneware / Ceramic: mostly denser than porcelain and therefore heavier to hold, ceramic coffee cups tend to be more casual in styling and shape with a more earthy look. The temperature at which stoneware cups are fired is at a lower temperature than porcelain and they also tend to be made with less refined clays.

  • Double Wall borosilicate glass: becoming more and more popular for its thermal properties and minimalist designs, double-wall glasses are suitable for both hot and cold drinks. This material is a great choice for those wanting their drinks to stay hot or cooler for longer. They're also lightweight and easy to hold, though it should be noted that they tend to be more brittle than ceramics or tempered glass.

  • Tempered Glass: This is the most commonly used material for espresso cups and coffee cups in cafes and restaurants due to their durability, resistance to cracking or breakage and ease in cleaning.

  • Bone China: a material choice by the more prestigious tableware brands, bone china is a premium material choice as it has a luxurious feel and attractive white translucent glow that comes from its bone ash composition.

  • Stainless Steel: commonly used on thermal mugs and reusable coffee cups. Stainless steel coffee cups are great for storing and sealing hot or cold drinks for hours, is resistant to drops far more than the materials above and easier to clean.

What are the most popular brands of coffee cups?

When it comes to listing the most popular brands of coffee cups sold in Australia, each brand is popular for its own reasons from its choice of materials to the designs and styles the brand produces.

Bodum Coffee Cups

Renowned globally for their double-wall coffee cups and glassware, Bodum is a Danish company that was founded in 1944 in Copenhagen. Their stylish coffee cups are great to hold in your hands and pair nicely with their iconic French press coffeemakers. The company in recent years has expanded wider into reusable coffee cups and kitchenware.

Duralex Coffee Cups

Loved by cafes and hospitality environments, Duralex coffee cups are made of thermal tempered glass which makes them highly resistant to heat shock as well as breakage from dropping. Made in France, their iconic Picardie and Provence ranges can be found across cafes and restaurants around Australia.

Maxwell & Williams Coffee Cups

An Australian icon, Maxwell & Williams has been producing Australian-designed tableware for several decades, earning a reputation for quality and affordability. Their Teas & C's range of tea cups and coffee cups feature elegant shapes and sophisticated designs and patterns, great for serving for high teas or enjoying casually.

AshdeneCoffee Cups

Ashdene is an Australian owned company that has earned a reputation for creating stunning collections of serving ware and teaware. Established for more than 20 years, Ashdene collaborates and works closely with Australian artists to show off their incredible talent.

What are the best-sized coffee cups?

Depending on the type of coffee you are serving or consuming, we recommend the following cups for the types of coffee:

  • Espresso: should be between 90 to 120ml in capacity. We recommend to look at our range of espresso cups if you are regular espresso drinker

  • Lattes and Cappuccinos: for coffees that are served with milk it's best to have coffee cups that are between 200ml to 300ml

  • Long blacks or Americanos: for those who want strong black coffees, a regular coffee cup of 200ml should be suitable though if you prefer it watered down then a larger capacity of 350ml is more suited

What else should I consider when buying coffee cups?

The following items should definitely be part of your list if you do not currently have them in your kitchen:

  • Coffee Machine for making your own café-quality coffees and espressos at home, we have a fantastic selection from Delonghi and Saeco.
  • Coffee Presses for those who enjoy the taste of French-press or slow-pour coffees at home that's easy to make and serve.
  • Espresso Maker also known as a Moka Pot, these are stovetop coffee makers that percolate and boil water to produce rich-tasting espresso.
  • Teapots a quality teapot especially one with an infuser for lose leaf tea will compliment your coffee and tea cups


What is the difference between porcelain and bone china?

While the finish of porcelain tends to be harder due to the required hotter firing temperatures when making porcelain coffee cups, bone china is the same thought with the added element of bone ash that creates a finer, more delicate appearance with a whiter and more crisp translucency.

What if my coffee cups break when my order is shipped to me?

Luckily we have a breakage-free guarantee with all of our orders provided you notify us within 24 hours from the receipt of delivery, we will cover you for any breakage or damage in delivery.

What is the most popular style of coffee cups?

Depending on how you prefer to serve your coffee and tea at home, we recommend choosing a style that will pair nicely with your tableware or selecting ceramic mugs or double-wall glasses if you want to keep them hot for longer.