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Cooking Thermometers

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If you're preparing a sauce, jam or glaze or cooking roasts or steak to perfection, requires accurate temperature control. Achieve the ideal result and ensure your food is cooked thoroughly and safely with our extensive range of cooking thermometers. We stock analogue and digital meat thermometers from Acu-Rite, Avanti, OXO, Loyal & More.

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Consistent cooking with a meat thermometer

For many of the things we cook every day a thermometer is essential, so Everten stocks thermometers for all your cooking requirements. Everyone knows that it is important to cook chicken, fish and meat thoroughly; a thermometer is the most accurate way of doing this.

The Breville Digital Meat Probe & Timer will ensure that your meat is cooked perfectly, while your jam will set properly when you use the Burgon & Ball Jam & Sugar Thermometer. Everten also supply oven thermometers to ensure consistent temperature readings, fridge/freezer thermometers so that you can maintain the correct temperature in your fridge and freezer, and even a milk frothing thermometer to help you make a great cup of coffee every time.