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Cooling Racks

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If you have a new kitchen or looking to replace your old pot and pans, a cookware set is a great way to maximise your cooking options and can be more affordable than purchasing each cookware piece individually. Whether you're after an entire cookware set or a simple saucepan set we stock a range of combinations from a variety of leading cookware brands.

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A baking rack is essential to cool your fresh baked goods. This is often a vital step in many recipes advising you to 'let cool' before placing your baked goods immediately in a cake tin for example, as they would become damp and soggy quickly. A baking rack provides free airflow around the baked item and ensures they can then be effectively stored. We recommend the stackable cooling racks as often when baking cookies and biscuits you need to fill up several cooling racks and we all know we don't have endless bench space.

Baking and Cooling Rack Brands

Shop Bakeware, baking racks and cooling racks from the best bakeware brands in Australia, and around the globe. We stock a wide range of baking from brands such as USA Pan, Bakemaster, MasterCraft, MasterPro, Loyal Bakeware, Falcon Enamel, Nordic Ware and more!

Browse our huge range of baking racks and cooling racks from the best brands at the best prices.