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Electric Kettles

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Whether it's making your morning tea or coffee, or a hot cup of soup, kettles are an essential part of our daily routine. Everten stock one of the largest range of stainless steel and electric kettles online in Australia.

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Shop the best kettles online in Australia

Everten are proud to stock a large range of kettles from the world's best kitchenware brands, at the best prices in Australia. Shop electric kettles, enamelled carbon steel and stainless steel kettles from Le Creuset, Alessi, KitchenAid, Typhoon Living and more. Our customer service team are always happy to assist you when shopping for kettles online.  

Electric kettles

The electric kettle is a marvel of the modern world. Hot boiling water for tea or coffee in minutes. An electric kettle is faster than a traditional stovetop kettle, with boiling time reduced. When shopping for electric kettles, keep in mind no two kettles are the same. Good quality electric kettles have high wattage elements that boil quickly, solid stainless steel bodies (no BPA) and descaling and filtering functions to make sure your water is palatable. All electric kettles sold by Everten have our exclusive triple warranty backed by Everten, the Australian distributors and the original manufacturer.

Stovetop kettles

Stovetop kettles have a classic design and impart an old-world flair when enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. These kettles must be connected to an external heat source in order to work properly and offer a steady roll of boiling water. Whilst they take longer to boil than an electric kettle, these kettles can reach higher temperatures than that of an electric kettle, beneficial for teas such as herbal infused tea.

Induction compatible kettles

When shopping for your next kettle be sure to check your cooktop compatibility. Everten stock a wide range of induction compatible kettles by Le Creuset, Alessi, Eva Solo and KitchenAid. If you're unsure if the kettle you're looking to buy is compatible with your cooktop, our friendly customer service team are available to help answer any questions you have when shopping for your next kettle online.