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Kids Dinnerware

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Kids Tableware

Important to any child's development is introducing them to solids and foods of various textures. For even a seasoned parent this can be a challenge, especially when your child grows from a toddler and you encourage them to eat independently, assisting their dexterity with kids cutlery that are the right size for their hands and making meal times more playful and fun with kids tableware.

At Everten we have a huge range of kids bamboo dinner sets, melamine plates that won't shatter when dropped from the high chair or table, as well as ergonomic kids cutlery to eat and control food comfortably.

Whether you are after kids plates and bowls for entertaining when friends' kids are at your home, an entire kids dinner set for introducing your child to solids or a children's ceramic dinner set to send as a gift, we have a fantastic selection.