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Having an empty knife block does more than simply store knives. It makes them more accessible in your kitchen while also protecting them from losing their sharpness with correct storage, preventing accidents or damaging your knives from being dropped or colliding with other knives if stored in a drawer.

You may have already a fantastic collection of knives at home that you wish to make more accessible. At Everten we stock an incredible range of empty knife blocks that are designed to fit almost any brand or type of kitchen knife. We offer a range of options including space-efficient empty knife blocks that are great for smaller spaces in a range of designs and styles to suit any taste and compliment any kitchen. 

Needing some new knives as well? You may want to consider viewing our knife block sets that feature popular knife combinations and offer great value, saving you money than purchasing knives individually. Shop knife blocks that include the most commonly used kitchen knives from the best brands.
We also have magnetic knife racks that you can fit on your wall to make it harder for children to reach, ensure a clear workspace when preparing food and make it easy to identify, select and access knives too!