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Non-Stick Saucepans

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A non-stick saucepan is a cookware essential especially if you are cooking rice, stews or sticky sauces like marinades or caramel. Our selection of non-stick saucepans and non-stick saucepan sets are designed to last, release foods with ease and make cleaning faster and easier.

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The demand for non-stick saucepans over traditional saucepans has increased in recent years due to the ease of use, allowing effortless cooking and cleaning. Our collection boasts an extensive selection of non-stick saucepans, available in various sizes and capacities, sourced from top-rated cookware brands ScanpanEssteeleWollAnolon and more!

Best non-stick saucepan materials 

When buying a non-stick saucepan online, one of the most important considerations is the material of the saucepan. The material your non-stick saucepan is made from will affect heat conductivity and durability. Common materials include:

non-stick stainless steel saucepans

Stainless steel saucepans with a non-stick coating combine the durability and versatility of stainless steel with the convenience of a non-stick surface. Stainless steel provides excellent durability and is compatible with different stovetop types, including induction. The non-stick coating ensures easy release of food and simplified cleaning. If you're considering this type of pan, we recommend the Prestige Clad range from Swiss Diamond Cookware, alternatively one of the most popular non-stick cookware brands Scanpan, offers the HaptIQ range featuring their hard-wearing Stratanium+ non-stick coatings with a stunning mirror finish stainless steel exterior.

non-stick aluminium saucepans

Aluminium non-stick saucepans are lightweight, making them easy to handle, quick to heat up, reducing cooking time. The aluminium ensures even heat distribution, preventing hot spots and enabling precise temperature control. A Woll saucepan is a great option to consider if you’re looking for a quality, non-stick aluminium saucepan. 

non-stick hard-anodised aluminium saucepans

Hard-anodised aluminium saucepans are another excellent choice. Through an electrochemical process, the surface of the aluminium is hardened, resulting in a non-stick finish that is more durable and resistant to scratches and abrasions. One of our most popular hard-anodised aluminium saucepans is the Jamie Oliver non-stick saucepan range by Tefal

Additional factors to consider when choosing a non-stick saucepan

Stovetop Compatibility: If your cooktop is induction, ensure you’re purchasing induction cookware and your saucepan clearly states its compatibility with induction cooktops. Look for a saucepan with a magnetic base, typically made of stainless steel or iron, as this allows it to work effectively on induction stoves. Most Scanpan saucepans are induction compatible, so rest assured that you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of induction cooking without compromising on quality and performance. One of our favourite induction saucepans we recommend would be the Scanpan Classic Induction range for its timeless look and durable construction, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Saucepan sets: Consider whether you need an individual saucepan or a saucepan set with multiple saucepan sizes. Purchasing a non-stick saucepan set can be more cost-effective and convenient, providing a range of sizes and options for different cooking tasks. 

Handle comfort and stability: Assess the saucepan's handle for comfort and stability. Look for handles that offer a secure grip and stay cool during cooking. Insulated or heat-resistant handles are ideal to prevent burns and accidents while handling hot cookware.

Choosing the right saucepan size

Determine the size of the saucepan based on your typical cooking quantities. Consider the amount of food you typically prepare and the number of servings you need. The most common saucepan sizes are around 14cm to 24cm in diameter.

Small non-stick Saucepan

A small saucepan typically has a diameter of around 14 cm to 16 cm. Ideal for tasks such as heating small amounts of liquids, melting butter, or preparing sauces and usually is between 1-2 litre capacity.

Medium non-stick Saucepan

A medium saucepan usually has a diameter of approximately 18 cm to 20 cm or 2.5-3.5 litre capacity. This size is versatile and suitable for various cooking tasks, including boiling vegetables, making soups, and cooking grains.

Large non-stick Saucepan 

A large saucepan typically has a diameter ranging from 22cm to 24cm with a generous 3.5-5 litre capacity. Perfect for cooking larger quantities of food, such as pasta, stews, and sauces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What material is best for non-stick pots?

The best material for non-stick pots is often considered to be hard-anodized aluminium. Hard-anodized aluminium pots are known for their durability, even heat distribution, and long-lasting non-stick properties. Also a popular choice for both home cooks and professional chefs due to their reliable performance and ability to withstand high temperatures.

Is non-stick cookware safe?

All of the non-stick saucepans we stock are free of PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) chemicals. The concern about non-stick cookware is that up until about 10 years ago, used to be manufactured in teflon coatings before it was identified as being harmful to cook with. Provided you use your non-stick saucepans within the manufacturer's instructed heat threshold, your non-stick saucepan is safe to use. We also recommend using silicone or nylon cooking utensils as metal can damage the non-stick coatings which you obviously would not like to flake into your food when cooking. It's also suggested that you do not cook on too high temperature as that can damage the non-stick coating and cause it to deteriorate and burn.