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Spice Racks & Jars

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Store and organise your spices, keep your kitchen and pantry clutter-free with a spice rack while our selection of herb keeps are great for storing and keeping your herbs fresh for longer.

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Kitchen Spice Racks & Organisation

Organise your kitchen and pantry storage with our range of spice racks and herb keepers. Maximise your storage space and easily find spices in your pantry or drawers. Whether you're looking for wall mounted spice racks, drawer organisers or jars, we have a wide range spice keeps to choose from. Shop the best kitchenware brands online in Australia, at the best prices. 

Different types of spice racks available 

There are a number of herb and spice storage options available to choose from, below we've listed the most commonly bought spice organisers in kitchens across Australia.  

Spce racks for drawers: A spice rack drawer insert is designed to fit into standard sized kitchen drawers. These spice racks usually feature multiple sections to hold different sizes of spice containers securely in your drawer, freeing up countertop space for other tasks. 

Wall mounted spice racks: This type of spice rack is particularly handy for those with small kitchens. The wall spice rack is mounted to your kitchen wall to save on benchtop space. However, don’t be fooled by the capacity of a wall mount spice rack as some can hold up to 100 bottles of spices.   

Pull out spice racks: If you have limited space in your kitchen, a pull-out spick rack is an ideal choice. These racks can be installed into your kitchen cabinets or tucked away in drawers. These integrated spice racks are cleverly hidden away, saving on space while ensuring your kitchen does not appear cluttered. 

Rotating Spice Racks: A rotating spice rack revolves to give you easy access to your spices and herbs. Keep this spice rack near food preparation stations to ensure your favourite seasonings are always within reach.

Hanging Spice Racks: Designed with hooks to hang from kitchen rails or pantry doors, hanging racks provide convenience being easier to reach while keeping your kitchen benchtop clear for food preparation. Display your spices and herbs beautifully in your kitchen to enjoy a full view of all your spices at a glance. 


Popular Spice Rack Materials 

Spice racks come in a wide range of materials for aesthetic and practical purposes. The most popular spice racks on the market are wooden, bamboo and stainless steel.   

Wooden: Wooden spice racks are a popular choice for many as they effortlessly complement both contemporary and rustic kitchen styles. 

Bamboo: Bamboo spice racks are strong, lightweight, and eco-friendly, making it the preferred material for many households. 

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel spice racks are durable, resistant to corrosion and stains, and super easy to clean. Available in an array of sleek designs and styles, stainless steel spice racks are perfect to blend into the decor of modern homes. 


Tips to organise your spices

Dreaming of a perfectly organised kitchen but not sure where to start? Here are our top tips:

1. Find a suitable spot to store your spices  

Before you begin organising your spices, determine the best spot for them. Spices usually last longer in darker and cooler areas, so keeping them in a cabinet away from heat is always a good idea. If you prefer easier access, store the spices you don't often use in the cabinet while keeping those you frequently reach for near your working areas. 

2. Alphabetise or group your spices  

When you begin your cooking journey, it’s normal for your arsenal of spices to grow and expand as you try out different recipes. Unfortunately, this may sometimes mean having to rummage through your spices before finding the one you want. Solve this problem by organising your spices alphabetically for quick and easy identification. Alternatively, you can also group your spices according to recipe types. For example, baking spices are grouped into the baking section while cooking spices go into the cooking section. 

3. Invest in a good spice rack

With such a wide selection in the market – from large spice racks to compact designs for smaller homes and everything in between, finding a spice jar rack that is right for your kitchen will make all the difference. The ideal spice rack should store your spices securely, save time, and complement your kitchen aesthetic.     

4. Maximise cabinet space  

Have you decided to store your spices in the cabinet? There are plenty of spice racks and organisation tools that are designed to optimise the storage space in your cabinet. Whether spice racks that mount on the cabinet door, magnetised containers, revolving racks, or shelves, these storage options are perfect to keep your spices securely hidden away but still easily accessible. 

5. Use clear, uniform containers   

Clear containers will give you a good view of your spices, allowing you to grab the right container without having to unscrew each one to inspect them before finding the spice you’re looking for. Sets that have same-sized containers are also ideal to complement any kitchen style and give your spice rack a consistent and curated look. 

6. Label your spices  

If you are purchasing your spices and storing them in canisters or containers, you’ll need to label your spice containers. Some spices may look similar to one another and a mistake while seasoning your dish may ruin an entire meal! Place your labels at a visible spot on your jar so you always grab the right seasoning for your dish. 

7.  Don’t buy all of your spices in bulk

It might seem like a good idea to buy spices in bulk to save money, but if you’re not using your spices, you may notice they expire before you get a chance to use them. We recommend purchasing your most frequently used spices in bulk and buying smaller amounts of those that you use less frequently. 


Complete your pantry organisation 

The accessories below are a great addition alongside your spice racks to enhance your dishes and make cooking tasks easier: 

Mortar and pestlesIf you’re serious about flavour, a mortar and pestle will surely come in handy in your kitchen. These are used for grinding and crushing whole spices into fine powders for aromatic and flavourful dishes as well as creating fresh dressings and marinades. Available in a variety of designs and materials, the most popular pestle and mortar offerings are those made of wood for a natural aesthetic, granite for a rustic appearance, and marble for a sense of timelessness. 

Salt and pepper grinders Spices and herbs enhance your dishes, but salt and pepper are essential for any dish! Store and dispense your salt and pepper in style with beautiful salt and pepper mills available in a wide range of materials and designs. 

Salt pigs: designed to store salt and dispense salt easily. Your salt pig can be placed near your cooking area for easy access and the wide opening allows you to pinch or measure salt easily when cooking. Salt pigs come in a wide variety of shapes and colours, perfect to add charm to your kitchen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which spice rack is best? The best spice rack is the one that works for you and your kitchen. Take note of the number of spices you have, your cooking style, and where you want to store your spices and you might get a better idea of which spice rack is right for you. 

What is the best way to organise spices? Take into account the spices you have on hand, designate a spot for them, and store them neatly using a spice rack of your choosing. Labelling and organising your spices also makes it easier for you to locate your spices when cooking. For more tips on organising your spices, refer to our organising tips above. 

How do you organise a lot of spices in a small space? For compact spaces, we recommend a wall-mounted spice rack, a pull-out spice rack or an over-the-door spice rack. These spice racks transform vertical spaces and hidden nooks into storage spaces, perfect for maximising space effectively in a small kitchen.