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Steak Knife Sets

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A great steak needs a quality steak knife to slice your steaks and not tear them. We stock restaurant-quality steak knives that perform with an extensive range of steak knives & steak knife sets from globally renowned brands like Victorinox, Tablekraft, Scanpan, Laguiole and more. We also stock serrated and non-serrated, as well as pistol grip steak knives for those wanting a classic style.

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Steak Knife Sets and Loose Steak Knives

If you are looking to enjoy a quality steak, it's important that you use a quality steak knife to prevent the meat fibres from being shredded and torn when cutting. At Everten we stock a wonderful selection of steak knives and steak knife sets, including sets that come gift-boxed and make an excellent gift. 

Best Steak Knives

When it comes to combining quality with value for money, Victorinox Steak Knives are hard to beat and are great for casual everyday dining.

Another popular steak knife brand that is made in France and would add a touch of sophistication to your table is Opinel Knives which have beautiful wooden handles made from Ashwood and are incredibly sharp. We like that these steak knives are purposely not serrated to reduce fibre tear of the steak when cutting and should slice with minimal effort. 

For those where budget is not a deciding factor and want the very best steak knives, we stock Laguiole En Aubrac steak knives that are handcrafted in France using the finest wood and materials. Each knife from start to finish is completed by a single highly experienced craftsman where his signature is embossed on the knife in the form of a unique pattern located on the spine of each knife.