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Every kitchen needs a rubbish bin, but not all rubbish bins are the same. We stock some of the best rubbish bins and compost bins for modern homes and kitchens from brands like Brabantia, Joseph Joseph and more to keep your kitchen and home organised and tidy.
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Kitchen Rubbish Bins

A must have for every kitchen, shop a range of rubbish bins online at the best prices. Choose from a variety of rubbish bin sizes, styles and functions to suit your kitchen. Why it's important to choose the right bin for your kitchen and home:

  • To organise your kitchen: Keep your kitchen tidy and rubbish out of sight. Choose from bins that fit under the sink, in kitchen cupboards or bins with a foot pedal for easy access. 
  • Maintain kitchen hygiene: A kitchen rubbish bin typically comes with a lid to prevent odours from escaping and to deter pests like flies and other insects from accessing the contents of your bin and creating an uncomfortable environment. 
  • Make recycling simple: For the eco-friendly kitchen, recycling is a must. Eliminate the hassle of sorting your recyclables manually with a bin with separate compartments - perfect for separating and holding recyclable items as you go. For example, a dual bin from Brabantia will make the perfect recycle bin for glass and plastic bottles. 
  • Blend seamlessly in your kitchen: A rubbish bin no longer needs to be an eyesore in your kitchen. Kitchen rubbish bins are now available in contemporary styles designed to blend into the background and complement your home aesthetic. 

Types of Bins 

  • General rubbish bins: Used for general waste that can’t be recycled. These bins come in various designs for kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and more. 
  • Recycling bins: Sort recyclables such as glass, plastic and paper. Recycling bins are also available with separate sections for sorting different recyclable materials.
  • Food waste and compost bins: Designed with odour control systems, a compost bin is a hygienic way to store food scraps for your compost. 

  • Laundry Bins: are great for collecting all your dirty or used clothes and garments to carry to the washing machine. It keeps bedrooms and laundries tidy and some even come with different sorting sections to separate white garments from coloured clothing or other delicate clothing pieces you may wish to wash separately. 

Choosing the right rubbish bin size

Depending on the size of your household, you may want to choose a larger bin for bigger households and a smaller one for a household of 1 - 3 persons. Also consider the available space in your home; choose larger bins for spacious areas and smaller bins for compact spaces.  

Different types of rubbish bins 

  • Bins without lids: An open bin is best kept in a cupboard or under the kitchen sink to avoid exposing the smell of your kitchen rubbish. They're also useful for cafeterias or places with high traffic where people can easily dispose or scrape food into the bin where liners are continually changed.
  • Step pedal or motion sensor bins: Hands-free convenience! A step pedal bin or automatic motion sensor bin are great if you don’t have cupboard storage space, want a larger kitchen bin or the convenience of hands free. 
  • Pull-out bins: Hidden in kitchen cupboards, pull-out bins keep your rubbish bin out of sight. These bins are also good for small spaces such as apartment living as they don’t take up floor space.  
  • Wall mounted bins: Conveniently mounted on walls, free-ing up space on your floor. Perfect for compact spaces. 


Our favourite Rubbish Bin Brands


Brabantia Bins  

Brabantia are renowned for their high-quality and stylish bins. Brabantia creates bins that are made from recycled materials, carrying a strong company ethos about sustainability and ensuring quality products that are able to withstand the demands of a busy home, while being attractive in design and function. The Brabantia BO collection of bins feature different compartments and also have legs to make it easy to mop and clean floors underneath without having to move them. 

Joseph Joseph Bins

Since 2003, Joseph Joseph has been designing innovative and stylish kitchen and bathroom gadgets. The brand combines innovative design, contemporary styling and distinctive, bold colours to evolve it into the iconic name known today. 

Following the success of their Joseph Joseph Totem Bins which allow users to easily separate waste and recycle, their bins have expanded into the Joseph Joseph GoRecycle range which is purposely designed for composting food waste and sorting recyclables. Joseph Joseph bins and kitchen caddies are simply a step above regular bins, designed to encourage and make recycling easier at home while being built to last. 


Rubbish Bin Accessories 

Your bin should be easy to maintain - choose bins with removable inner buckets for an easy clean. Shop Bin liners to keep your bin spill free.