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Whether you're an experienced baker or an avid home baker, we have a wide selection of baking trays to suit every baker. From commercial grade aluminium baking sheets to silicone baking trays, our bakeware range has you covered. Shop the best bakeware brands online at the best prices in Australia. Browse Pyrex, Nordic Ware, Le Creuset, Bakemaster, Chef Inox & more.

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The Swiss Roll like the one pictured on the left is not as popular as it should be being more of an English cake than Australian. The swiss roll pan or tray however is a mainstay in many kitchens both homely and commercial. This baking tray is great for cooking cookies, biscuits, reheating food, grilling and broiling.

The key to a good cookie tray or swiss roll pan is a bit of weight. Too thin and the bend and warp as well as create hot spots so your cookies or cakes don't cook evenly. All the swiss roll pans and cookie sheets we sell are heavy gauge and built to last for many years to come so you can buy with confidence from Everten.