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Cutlery Sets

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If you are entertaining guests or wanting a simple everyday cutlery set, we have an incredible selection from some of the World's most prestigious and renowned tableware and cutlery brands. Browse our extensive range of cutlery sets for casual and formal dining, including polished and matte stainless steel cutlery to suit any table setting or design preference.

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Stainless Steel Cutlery Sets

When it comes to dining, you simply cannot entertain or dine without quality stainless steel cutlery sets. Choosing the right cutlery set to accompany your tableware or dinner sets can be a tricky task which is why we have stock of a broad range of tableware brands and styles to ensure the perfect match for you cutlery set to your Dinnerware Set.

Choosing the best cutlery set

There are many considerations when it comes to choosing the right cutlery set. Is the cutlery for daily use for you and your family? Or are you looking for a fine dinning cutlery set for special occasions? A good place to start when selecting your cutlery set is knowing how many table settings you require, ensuring you also count extra for guests when entertaining. Most 24-piece cutlery sets are for table settings of six whereas a 56-piece cutlery set adds extra cutlery pieces for when you are serving multiple courses and tend to be for serving eight people.

What are the best cutlery set brands?

There are many cutlery brands available in the market and deciding the best for your table really comes down to both budget, style and setting. Obviously, casual cutlery sets tend to be more affordable than pricier sets that are designed for fine dining. Below are a few of our favourite cutlery brands:

  • Maxwell & Williams Cutlery- an iconic Australian tableware brand for decades, Maxwell & Williams has been making fashion-forward cutlery for decades and is a common household name for many, earning a reputation for providing stylish cutlery at a very affordable price-point.

  • Stanley Rogers Cutlery is another Australian favourite of cutlery sets, renowned for their stainless steel cutlery including their famous pistol grip steak knives.

  • Robert Welch Cutleryis on the more premium end of cutlery choice, designed in England and made with 18/10 stainless steel, Robert Welch Cutlery is a fine choice for those wanting exceptional design with a superior polished finish.

  • Villeroy & Boch Cutlery is one of the world's most famous cutlery and tableware brands as well as one of the oldest, established in 1748 in Germany. This brand has incredible cutlery set collections that feature striking European design and hand-polished finishes.

  • Laguiole En Aubrac while there are many kinds of Laguiole cutlery, an iconic cutlery style named after the town it originates from in France, nothing quite matches the level of craftsmanship that En Aubrac cutlery offers. These are the benchmark for quality, hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen in France with an incredible level of detail and finish. We recommend these to customers who aren't constrained by budget.

  • Tablekraft- this brand is one of the most commonly used brands in commercial environments, found in cafes and restaurants all across Australia. They make good quality 18/10 stainless steel cutlery sets that are very affordable and hard-wearing. Most Tablekraft cutlery tends to feature their iconic "TK" stamp embossed on the bottom of their handles.

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