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A good set of placemats for your table provides the benefit of protecting your table while elevating the dining experience with neat and personalised presentation. Browse our extensive range of quality placemats including cork placemats available in a range of colour tones, patterns and printed designs to suit any taste.

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Placemats Online Australia

Placemats Online Australia 

When curating the perfect tablescape for a special event or dinner party, you’ll come to find a placemat or table mat, plays an important part. Not only great for elevating your table setting, they also play a role in protecting your table and furniture from water stains and spills. We stock a large range of placemats online, from the best tableware brands in Australia and internationally. 

What are the different types of placemat materials?

Placemats can be made from a wide variety of materials for different situations and uses. If you’re hosting a formal event, linen table mats create an elevated appearance. For those with messy eaters or toddlers, you may want a stain-resistant placemat made from silicone to protect your furniture. Here are a few of our most frequently purchased placemat materials:  

  • Cork: Cork placemats are one of the most commonly bought placemat materials. Made from the outer barks of trees, cork is highly protective and has the ability to handle compression and to quickly bounce back into shape. Cork or cork backed placemats are also heat tolerant, ideal for holding hot plates or pots. Durable and resistant to liquid, rot, mould, and mildew, cork placemats are easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Linen: Made from flax plant fibres, linen is a natural, loose weave fibre fabric material that is both durable and among the most eco-friendly options available. Linen placemats provide a more formal look, making them ideal for special events and formal settings. Linen placemats are also great for keeping your table protected from hot pots, plates and more. Easy to maintain, simply spot clean with warm water, dishwashing soap or baking soda and white vinegar to remove any stains or spills.  
  • Rattan: Made from vine-like palms usually found in Southeast Asia and China. Rattan placemats are non-corrosive and weather-resistant, great indoors or for al-fresco dining. These gorgeous placemats will protect your furniture from heat and add charm to your home. 
  • Wooden: Beautiful and unique with each mat typically has a distinct pattern and unique wood grain. Ideal for a natural and rustic appearance, wooden placemats are durable, easy to clean, and eco-friendly. 
  • PVC or Vinyl: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), also known as vinyl, is a type of thermoplastic material used in many products. PVC placemats are strong and durable yet affordable. Especially useful for those with children, this material is resistant to stains and spills. PVC placemats are available in an array of designs and colours, making them a great option to brighten up your table setting. Faux leather placemats made of PU or PVC have become increasingly popular in recent years, as the designs are cteated to look like genuine leather.  
  • Ceramic: Ceramic is considerably stronger and more durable compared to glass or porcelain, making it ideal to withstand regular use. Ceramic placemats are also resistant to scratches and water stains, easy to clean, and non-toxic. 

The best placemat brands

Whether you love vibrant bright designs or subtle styles to showcase your dishes, you’ll find a style you love here at Everten. Below are a few of our top selling brands and why we love them:  

  • Cinnamon Placemats: Founded in 2004, Cinnamon is well known for creating charming coasters and placemats primarily made from cork. The brand’s extensive range of designs includes stunning illustrations of nature to vibrant abstract patterns. Easy to wipe clean and beautifully gift boxed, ready for gifting. These are also great for the eco-conscious entertainer, as cork is biodegradable and recyclable. 
  • Maxwell & Williams: Australian brand Maxwell & Williams offer a range of elegant and formal, to whimsical and playful placemats. Crafted from a variety of materials, Maxwell & Williams regularly collaborate with Australian artists providing unique and diistinct designs. Among their most popular and sought after collections is the Table Accents Leather Look range. Perfect for first homes, redecoration, or as a gift, Maxwell & Williams offers endless choices to suit any interior. 
  • Ashdene: Ashdene’s hardboard and cork placemats are as beautiful as they are functional. As a brand that also regularly collaborates with Australian artists, Ashdene delivers an artistic touch to your home. Adorned with depictions of nature from delicate florals to adorable wildlife, each placemat design is a celebration of Australia’s natural wonders. Each piece comes presented in a beautiful gift box, making them perfect for gifting. Ashdene’s range also come complete with matching teaware for a cohesive style.
  • Ladelle: A proudly Australian-based brand, Ladelle creates a blend of neutral tones and textures reminiscent of nature and abstract patterns. Beautifully made from materials such as cork and recycled cotton, Ladelle provides an eco-friendly option for homes, without compromising on quality. Bring a modern, soft touch to your table with Ladelle’s range of contemporary designs and styles. 
  •  Amalfi Placemats: Create a gorgeous table setting effortlessly with Amalfi placemats. Featuring beautiful designs with an artistic flair, each placemat is sure to charm your guests. Made from a combination of materials such as ramie, cotton, and cork, Amalfi placemats are both beautiful and durable. 
  • Madras Link Placemats: If you’re looking for charming placemats that could double as a work of art, then the Madras Link placemats are it. Designed in Australia and crafted from cork, this Australian brand strives to ensure the highest quality, while keeping prices affordable. Each placemat features a hand-painted artwork in beautiful watercolour, perfect to elevate your dinner events from ordinary to spectacular.
  • Salt & Pepper: Salt & Pepper is a family company based in Melbourne, Australia, with a vision to create homewares that turn your house into a home. Their collection ranges from intricately woven placemats in earthy tones to faux leather placemats for a more contemporary feel. Designed to be protective and easy to clean, Salt & Pepper placemats are a beautiful option for your home or gifting others. 

Different placemat designs and styles 

Apart from protecting your furniture, placemats also set the tone for your dining event. From everyday dinner with the family to a luxurious dinner party, your placemat design will tie your theme and ambience together. Below are a few of the most-loved placemat designs for any occasion:        

  • Patterns: If you love patterns, you’ll be spoiled by the wide selection of patterned placemats available online at Everten! From stripes and ribbed detailing to florals, watercolour artwork and abstract shapes, a patterned placemat is a great way to add a touch of detail to your table. Mix and match your favourite patterns for your own unique table setting or pair them with a plain tablecloth to create an eye catching contrast.    
  • Plain: Plain or colour blocking placemats provide the ideal backdrop to showcase your food and tableware. A plain coloured placemat will complement any tableware design without even trying. The clean look can accentuate the colours of your signature dishes, making them look extra tempting and delicious.   
  • Modern and contemporary: If you're all about contemporary aesthetics, then you’ll love our range of modern and contemporary placemats. Add style to your table with your choice of abstract designs, faux leather, ceramic and more to complement your personal style.  
  • Vintage: Vintage placemats with an art deco style or muted, yellow tinted retro colours such as those by Cinnamon evoke a nostalgia for bygone eras. If vintage style screams “you”, then buying a retro themed placemat set is the perfect otion.

Tips to consider when buying placemats 

Important aspects to take into consideration are your home decoration style, your table measurements, and how formal or casual you like your table setting. Once you have a better idea of the placemats you want, do a final check below before taking the plunge:  

  • How many guests you're expecting- Take note of the size of your household and consider the number of guests you will entertain in the future to get an idea of the number you need. 
  • Complementing your dinner set and servingware- Does the placemat set you have your eye on match well with any existing bowls, plates, cutlery, and tableware you already have? 
  • Which other complementary items will you need to get? Complete your table setting with water jugswine glasses, table centre mats, coasters , dinner sets, or a new tablecloth to protect your table, and a lazy susan to make it easy for guests to reach food. These items make the final finishing touches that will elevate your table from good to incredible, and make your dinner all the more memorable. 

Buying placemats online at Everten

We proudly offer placemats that are designed and crafted with the highest standards. Find the best designer placemats Australia has to offer from popular brands such as Ecology, Cinnamon, Maxwell & Williams, Ashdene, Salt & Pepper and more on Everten. Our simple search enables you to filter by colour, size or material to allow you to shop online with ease. We also offer express shipping options for placemats along with an easy returns policy should you have a change of mind. At Everten, we also pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, and we are always happy to assist you over the phone, through emails or via LiveChat. Our dedicated customer service team is here to assist you each step of the way. We all love kitchen and homeware products, we know our stuff, and if there is a question we don't know the answer to, we will search for the answer for you. Most importantly, we love to help our customers! 


What are cork placemats? 

Cork placemats are made from the outer barks of trees (usually cork oak tree). As cork is naturally harvested from trees, it is a sustainable and eco-friendly material as trees are able to re-grow their outer layer each harvesting cycle. Cork placemats come with a natural protective finish that makes them a durable option for handling heavy dinnerware, protecting your furniture from heat, and resisting liquid, rot, mould and mildew.  

Why are cork backed placemats popular? 

Cork backed placemats feature all the benefits described above, and they are durable, easy to maintain, and affordable. These placemats also come in all kinds of designs and colours, perfect to suit a diverse range of preferences and tastes.