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Protect your table and set your drinks down in style with quality drink coasters. Browse our range of stunning cork coasters, fabric and marble coasters available in an extensive range of colours, patterns and styles that are ideal shapes and sizes for placing wine glasses to mugs as well as matching placemats.

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Drink Coasters online in Australia

With all the thought of setting your table in style, it is as important to consider what forms the base on which you're placing your tableware. Whether it's planning your dinner party or a casual afternoon tea party, coasters are an integral part of table setting. While a set of coasters can have a style element to them, they are more importantly designed to protect your stain-prone table tops from unpleasant water rings and stains. You can find various shapes and designs to match your table in style. However, although coasters generally work the same, not all materials or designs are as effective.

What to look for when considering drink coasters

  • Absorbency – fabric and cork coasters absorb water well while glass and resin do the opposite. There are also innovative coasters with unique indentations on their surface to collect liquids to prevent condensation from spilling onto your furniture.
  • Grip – look for drink coasters with non-slip undersides to prevent them from sliding easily, especially on smooth table surfaces. These kinds of coasters usually have a thin cork lining or a silicone-type material on the underside that also has anti-slip properties.
  • Material – coasters come in a variety of different materials, from leather coasters to acrylic to concrete. Using coasters made from unique materials can add style to your table scene, and most coasters are inexpensive regardless of the material. However, it is ideal that you buy a set that is suitable for everyday use. It's also best to think about the type of furniture you’ll be placing your coasters on, along with the durability and ease of cleaning of the set you are purchasing.
  • Design and Style – a coaster should not only elevate the table but also be suitable for use with your beverage. Always choose coasters with a thick base for hot or cold drinks. The shape, colour, and style is ultimately up to personal preference. So, whether it's classic round coasters or something with more quirky geometric forms, ensure that your coasters are able to accommodate your drink and drinkware. Additionally, if you prefer to keep things tidy, look for stackable coasters or coaster sets that include a built-in stand.

Which are the most common coaster materials?

Marble coasters – sleek and classic, marble coasters are made from natural white marble stone and usually feature a slight lip around the edges to keep moisture from dripping onto the table. While heavier than other options, marble coasters add a touch of luxurious style and sophistication.

Cork coasters – simple and functional, cork is a popular material for coasters as it is soft in nature and won’t scratch your table. Cork also absorbs liquids well, is incredibly lightweight, and affordable. Cork is also considered a more environmentally friendly option as it is biodegradable. These types of coaster tend to be our most popular and why we have one of the largest ranges of cork coasters and matching placemats on our website.

Resin coasters – lightweight, comes in a variety of colours and gives a more casual and fun appeal. Resin coasters are also easy to clean and hard-wearing, wont deteriorate over time and won't break if accidentally dropped!

Wooden coasters – solid, durable, and more weighted compared to resin material. Ideal for a rustic or a farmhouse-style look and contrasts nicely when placed underneath a crystal glass.

Ceramic coasters – when glazed can offer bright colours and painted designs with a beautiful luminous finish. They tend to pair well with matching ceramic tea ware.

Glass coasters – elegant, dazzling, and stylish, glass coasters give a sophisticated elegance and style to the table.

Rattan coasters – stylish, trendy, organic, and affordable, rattan coasters come in many designs ideal for a rustic or outdoor garden party look.

Tile coasters – durable and eye-catching, tile coasters make great trendy pieces to add flair to the table. These are also easy to mix and match as they come in many colours and styles.

Silicone coasters – available in an array of colours, silicone coasters have a non-slip grip and are ideal for a casual table setting or everyday use. Silicone coasters may not look the most appealing, but they keep your liquids from dripping onto your favourite table and can be easily cleaned by popping them into the dishwasher.

Coaster Styles and Designs

Coasters come in a variety of styles and have become increasingly innovative and creative. It's easy to now find coasters beyond the basic round or square shapes. Here are some trendy and classic styles that are suitable for all occasions:

  • Patterns - floral, abstract shapes, watercolour artwork, and checked patterns are just some of the few popular styles ideal for everyday use for the modern or traditional home
  • Block colours - classic, timeless, easy to match with wooden furniture or minimalistic colours
  • Elevated/elegant options - faux leather will add a touch of class to your dinner parties, cocktail soirees, or lavish luncheons
  • Vintage style – yellowed browns, muted tones, retro, and nostalgic scenes on coasters are suitable for traditional Aussie style homes
  • Homage to Australia – Australian designed coasters that focus on nature and popular spots in Australia – a popular choice for locals and tourists. Many of our customers from regional areas or those with holiday homes love to decorate their table with Australian coasters that feature designs depicting the native flora and fauna.

The most popular coaster brands

Ecology – fresh, bright, and colourful abstract shapes and watercolour-inspired coasters ideal for the young and modern home

Cinnamon – commonly incorporates vintage-inspired designs and Australian motifs

Maxwell & Williams – showcases an array of vibrant, Australian-themed designs. Some of Maxwell & Williams’ coasters feature collaborations with local artists such as Pete Cromer, Marini Ferlazzo and Marc Martin

Davis and Waddell – features a combination of soft pastels, florals, and woodland creatures, perfect for young, modern homes

Ashdene – designs are inspired by nature and produced through collaborations with local botanical artist Jenny Phillips and wildlife artist Natalie Jane Parker

Madras Link – soft, earthy tones coupled with Australian motifs, perfect for both the modern and conventional style home

Salt & Pepper – vibrant, solid colours that will add a splash of colour to your table.

Tableware to accompany your new coasters

Whether you're in search of matching placemats to complement your new coasters or adding a few glamorous glasses, we have a wide range of tableware, drinkware, and accessories to elevate your dining experience. See our selection of table essentials to inspire your new table setting:


Which types of coasters are best?

Think about the type of beverage you're serving. Is it a hot or an icy cold beverage? Use a fabric or cork coaster for cold drinks. Choose resin, wooden, or silicone coasters for hot beverages. Another tip is to be sure that you buy coasters with a thick base. Ultimately, it all comes down to a personal preference for style.

What is the best coaster material?

Cork is a popular choice as it is a naturally absorbent material. Marble or wooden coasters look more refined and are equally as ideal. Plus, these materials often incorporate cork as a base to protect your table against potential scratches. If you prefer something with a grip, choose silicone coasters as these are anti-slip. Silicone coasters are also suitable as tea coasters, glass coasters, and even beer coasters.

Should coasters absorb water?

In short, yes! When condensation occurs, your coaster may pool with liquid. It's not a pleasant sight to see the coaster sticking to the base of your glass. This problem often occurs with certain coasters, particularly those made from plastic. Coasters should generally absorb liquids to prevent your drinkware from slipping and sliding. Felt, fabric, and cork coasters are some of the best materials that absorb moisture.

What is the proper way to use a coaster?

A coaster protects the surface of your table from mug rings or stains caused either by the extreme heat of hot beverages or the condensation from cold drinks. Coasters are ideal for both casual or formal settings, and suitable for all occasions. It's generally a surface protector for your table.

Is bamboo a good material for coasters?

Bamboo material is an ideal material for coasters as it is renewable, non-toxic, and also highly durable for long-term use.

Why should you use a coaster?

We highly recommend it! Just know that coasters protect your furniture from water rings and stains while preventing small nicks and scratches. The satisfaction of using coasters for drinks is that you’ll never have to deal with a permanently stained table!