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If you're looking to entertain with a cocktail party or thinking of outfitting a home bar but find the process overwhelming, we’ve created an essential guide to choosing the best cocktail glasses for your home. Your drink glasses are as important as the type of drinks you serve. Explore a variety of cocktail glassware designed for different drinks.

What is the standard cocktail glass?

A cocktail glass is a type of drinking glass often used to serve mixed alcoholic drinks. Cocktail glasses come in different shapes and sizes to allow you to pick the right ones to entertain and display in your humble home bar. These charming glasses enhance the appearance of your drinks while the long stems minimise heat transfer from hands to the glass.

How do you pick a cocktail glass?

Regardless of the drink you make, the right cocktail glasses depend on the taste you want to achieve and how often you plan to make cocktails at home. Cocktail glasses vary in shape and size - two features that influence the cocktail's taste and presentation. For instance, certain cocktail glassware was created for serving specific cocktails. A classic martini will not look like one if not served in a martini glass. In the same way, drink specific glasses can improve the taste, allow the drink to have room to breathe, or even preserve the fizz of the bubbles.

To help you find your perfect match, consider these factors when purchasing your cocktail glasses:

  1. Cost: Set a budget for your glasses. If you're new to bartending or stocking your home for the first time, you can start with a basic set and expand over time to reduce initial costs.
  2. Thickness: Avoid thin glasses as it may be the biggest factor to your glass breaking easily. Ensure that the stem is also durable and not too thin.
  3. Ease of use: Choose drinking glasses that are easy to use and clean. This will save plenty of time to wash up.
  4. Type of drinks: Think about the type of drinks you are likely to make more often and whether you have the right equipment. Apart from cocktail glasses, consider bar tools like cocktail shakers and strainers or cutting boards so you know the kind of cocktails you can make before purchasing your glassware.
  5. Intention: Whether it's for entertaining at home, purchasing a nice martini glass set for the martini lover, or to use on special occasions, think about the glass choice. You might want a fancy crystal cocktail glass set for formal occasions or colourful margarita glasses for a fun dinner party.
  6. Stem or stemless/cocktail tumbler glass: Think about whether you want a stemmed or stemless glass. Suppose you prefer a more durable glass that's less prone to breaking easily, a stemless cocktail glass may be more durable. Cocktail glasses are generally more fragile and need to be handled with care. Some materials require you to hand wash, while some are perfectly dishwasher safe.

Material for cocktail glasses

Most cocktail glasses are, of course, made from glass. Crystal glass enhances the clarity of your drink and elevates your table setting. There is also unbreakable glassware made from acrylic or polycarbonate that can mimic the style and look of a proper cocktail glass. Plastic cocktail glasses are more durable, affordable, and will not break. These cheap cocktail glasses make for easy yet fancy drinking glasses that are perfect for outdoor entertaining.

Types of cocktail glasses

Having an array of cocktail glasses will allow you to have a range of drinks you could serve. For instance, classic stemware is great for formal dinners, while glasses with modern cutting and eye-catching themes are suitable for casual parties or happy hour. If you don’t drink martinis often, a rock glass or wine glass could be a good alternative. And if you need to choose one type of tall glass, the best choice would be a highball as it's one of the more versatile choices for a wide selection of cocktails. Different types of glasses call for different occasions, allowing you to have more versatility when entertaining your friends and family.

Here are some of the most common cocktail and spirit glasses:

Martini glasses: a specialty glass with a wide brim to improve the aroma of liquor - features long stems and steeply sloped sides to prevent separation of ingredients and help hold up garnishes like mini toothpick umbrellas and skewers.

Highball glasses: tall and narrow built - perfect for serving drinks like Seven and Seven, Scotch and soda, gin and tonic, rum and coke.

Coupe glasses: one of the most recommended cocktail glasses - features a long stem and flatter rounder bowl. These glasses are used for cocktails being served - drinks are shaken or stirred with ice and then served chilled without the ice.

Margarita glasses: brimmed bowl with a secondary bowl and a broad rim, typically garnished with salt. Apart from serving smashing margaritas, these glasses are also versatile for serving finger foods and hors d’oeuvres.

Whiskey glassesalso known as lowball glasses - ideal for enjoying spirits like rum, whisky or brandy as well as neat pours and other classic favourites best enjoyed in this type of glass.

Rock glasses: short, broad, and sturdy, these lowball glasses are ideal for serving spirits or neat pours over ice, and can also be used to serve other drinks that require layering different flavours with ice and liquor.

Shot glassessmall and narrow-built shot glasses generally made for drinking liquor in one mouthful or dropped into a cocktail. Shot glasses hold about 25ml to 50ml.

Nick and Nora glasses: bell-shaped bowl with a slender long stem; bears resemblance to a coupe glass and white wine glass - perfect for stirred-up drinks or any type of drink you would serve in a martini glass.

Popular brands we know and love

For those wanting the best crystal glassware, the Riedel glassware is a popular choice for crystal cocktail glasses with pieces beautifully crafted and produced in Germany and Austria. Another prestigious option is Waterford crystal glasses which are beautifully shaped and made in Ireland.

For those wanting durable cocktail glasses that aren't as fragile as crystal glassware, Luigi Bormioli cocktail glasses are renowned for some of the best hospitality glasses made in Italy; Luigi Bormioli glasses also carry a nice weight that makes them suitable for bars and lounge settings.

Two other popular glassware brands that are continuing to grow in Australia with beautiful cocktail sets commonly found in upmarket restaurants are the crystal glassware made in Europe by Krosno Glasses and Stolzle. Both of these brands offer incredible quality, European-made crystal glassware at more affordable price points than Riedel or Waterford, which is why they are popular choices used by restaurants and bars.

Accessories to consider or include when choosing cocktail glasses

Where to buy cocktail glasses

Whether you are shopping for a new set of gin glasses or pouring a bottle of brandy, Everten stocks some of the best cocktail glasses from the world's best glassware brands.


  1. How do you clean a cocktail glass?

Always refer to the manufacturer's suggestion, but most glasses can be cleaned in a dishwasher. However, some glasses such as crystalline glass require hand washing to maintain its brilliant clarity. Nevertheless, most drinking glasses are easy to clean and require only dish soap and water. Dry your glasses immediately to prevent water spots.

  1. Does the type of cocktail glass matter?

Ultimately it depends on your preference of drink. Using the right drinking glass for specific drinks is needed to hold the right volume of the cocktail recipe, enhance the aroma, and maintain its correct temperature. Cocktail connoisseurs and professional mixologists will pay attention to these factors as it improves the drinking experience. Although each glass is designed to have a specific purpose and type of drink to serve, some glasses are more flexible than others.

  1. What is the most versatile cocktail glass?

If you prefer versatile glasses, consider a coupe glass set or a highball glass set. A coupe glass is elegant enough to serve champagne but also works well to serve a variety of other cocktails like a Manhattan or martini. Highball glasses are perfect for popular cocktails like Mojito or a Gin and Tonic - and also ideal for serving beer or soda. Plastic cups for cocktails are ideal for outdoor use as they are easy to clean and less prone to breakage.

  1. How do I store my drink glasses?

It is best to store your glasses upside down to prevent dust and debris from collecting inside the glass bowl. Also, stem cocktail glasses are heavier on the top, so it can easily topple over if not properly stored.