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Let’s face it, no one likes doing the dishes, especially if you’re in an apartment or house that doesn’t have a dishwasher, or you have delicate items such as glassware, dinner sets or chef knives that require hand washing. No one enjoys doing the dishes but they have to be done!

Where you can save yourself some time is when it comes to drying. 

A dish rack is an underrated kitchen accessory created to save you time after hand-washing delicate dinner setscutlery, and drinkware. A dish rack offers a convenient way to air dry your dishes without leaving pools of water on the countertop, as typically, they’ll include a draining rack to collect water instead of dripping on your kitchen counter. 

A dish rack is an easy and convenient way to dry dishes without adding extra labour time, while keeping your sink top clean, dry, and organised. 

Types of dish racks: 

Dish racks come in multiple styles to offer you the choice of selecting the one that will be most suitable for your home. Here are some popular options: 

  • Over-the-sink dish rack: This type of dish drainer is made to sit over your sink to allow water to drip straight into your sink. It takes up minimal space on the counter, making it a great space-saving solution for smaller homes. 
  • Collapsible dish rack: A collapsible dish drying rack is also known as a foldaway dish rack. This type works as its name suggests and can be quickly folded away or assembled according to your needs. As a collapsible rack takes up minimal space when stored, it is a great option for apartments, homes with smaller kitchens or larger homes that may occasionally require more drying space. 
  • Two-tier dish rack: This dish drainer features 2 levels to dry more items while taking up less surface area on your countertop. As with most dish racks, this type will usually include a plate rack, a cutlery caddy, and space to dry drinkware. 
  • Sink caddy: Also known as a sink tidy, this handy kitchen accessory can be placed on your sink top to store and organise detergent bottles, sponges and bottle brushes. It includes a draining feature to prevent excess water from collecting and is great for keeping your sink area tidy. 
  • In-sink dish drainer: This dish drainer is usually available as a dish rack or as a washing-up bowl or basket. It is meant to fit inside the sink while allowing any water to drain right into the sink. 
  • Wall-mounted drying rack: A hanging dish drying rack is meant to be mounted directly on the wall nearby your sink area to give you a space-saving option for drying wet dishes. This elevated type comes with a draining board under each rack to collect water easily and will include space to dry cutlery and utensils too. 

What can I use instead of a dish rack?

A common alternative to a dish rack is a dish mat! Made from either silicone or microfibre material, dish drying mats are a simple and space-saving alternative to the sometimes bulky dish rack. 

Silicone dish mats usually include a ribbed design to allow for air circulation and easy draining. The soft and durable material makes silicone easy to store and use, and it is conveniently non-slip and dishwasher safe too. This type of dish-drying mat is great for glasswaremugs, and cookware

A microfibre dish drying mat usually includes a foam layer to make it soft and absorbent with the capacity to hold water weight. This mat comes in various sizes and is incredibly soft, making it easy to fold away when not in use. Machine washable and ultra-lightweight, microfibre dish mats are great for cushioning delicate dishes and glasses.

Dish mats are available in various sizes to cater to your needs. If you require extra drying space on top of what is already available in your kitchen, a small dish mat might be sufficient. Smaller sizes are also great if you want a quick and easy spot to place down glassware or mugs after cleaning. Alternatively, a large dish mat might be what you need if it will be your only drying solution. A larger size is great for smaller homes that lack other drying options, and you can easily stow your mat away when not in use.


Are dish-drying mats sanitary? 

Dish drying mats are sanitary as long as you maintain and keep your mats clean. This includes ensuring that your dishes are thoroughly clean before placing them on your mats. You should also take the necessary steps to keep your mats clean such as washing your microfibre mats in the machine, or cleaning out your silicone ones. If stowing away, ensure that your mats are thoroughly dry before you put them in your drawer. 

How do you get mould out of a dish mat? 

Remove mould from your dish mat by cleaning your mat thoroughly with soap and water. Then, apply vinegar and hot water to kill any remaining bacteria and scrub the mould off. 

Prevent any future mould by washing your dish drying mat once a week with soap and letting it dry thoroughly before using again. It’s easy for mould to form in any moist area that lacks air circulation, so it’s important to keep your dish mat clean and dry when possible. 

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Which dish drying rack is best? 

The best dish-drying rack is the one that speaks to your needs the most. Consider the following when choosing a drying rack to buy:

Space - depending on the space that you have available at home, you may want to opt for either a small or large dish rack. This is also a good time to select between a rack or a mat depending on how much space is available on your counter.

Style - consider if you want a single tier or two-tier rack to accommodate more dishes. You can also choose between a wall-mounted dish rack, an over-the-sink drying rack, a dish drying mat, or a collapsible rack. Then, consider if you need to add a utensil caddy or a sink tidy to complete your drying solution. 

Material - dish racks come in a variety of materials. Decide if you want a stainless steel dish drainer, a wooden dish rack, a plastic dish rack, or an aluminium one. There are many other materials available and your choice will also speak to how your dish rack complements your kitchen’s aesthetic. 

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How do you clean a silicone dish mat?
Silicone dish mats are usually dishwasher-safe for an easy clean. You can also wash it with soap and water, and leave it to dry before using again. 

Are dish-drying mats machine washable?
Yes! Soft, microfibre dish drying mats are machine washable. 

Can I use my dishwasher as a drying rack?
Yes, your dishwasher can double as a drying rack. If you are hand washing your dishes, simply open your dishwasher’s door and leave your dishes there to air dry. Alternatively, you can run a dry cycle on your dishwasher to dry your dishes completely.