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Butter & Honey Dishes

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Browse our extensive range of butter dishes and honey pots, holders & containers. Available in ceramic, stoneware & glass, we stock the best butter dishes in Australia from brands like Le Creuset, Kilner, Chasseur & more.

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For those looking to store their butter or margarine, whether in the fridge or serving at the table, we have an incredible selection of porcelain, ceramic and glass butter dishes from renowned tableware brands. Whether you like a traditional French styled Le Creuset butter dish or Chasseur butter dish that features beautiful bright enamel colours or a more vintage glass butter dish, we have an incredible selection to suit any style or preference.

Love storing your honey in a honey pot that comes with its own dipper? Us too! These are great for adding a personal touch to your kitchen and are a great touch when serving breakfasts with guests, be it for pouring on top of freshly made waffles, toast or into a cup of freshly brewed tea.