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If you are needing some new cookware, whether it is replacing a frying pan or an entire cookware set, we stock an incredible range of cookware from the World's best cookware brands. Browse frying pans to roasting pans, dutch ovens to saucepans as well as induction cookware at the most competitive prices online.

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The Best Cookware Brands Online

The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the home and one of the most frequented rooms in any house. Choosing the right pots and pans can make a world of difference, ensuring time spent in the kitchen is easier and more enjoyable. Understanding your style of cooking and requirements will help determine which cookware will be most suited for you. 

Trusted cookware brands used in Australian kitchens

  • Scanpan
  • Le Creuset
  • Wolstead
  • Chasseur 
  • Lodge
  • Essteele
  • Tefal
  • Anolon
  • Pyrolux
  • Swiss Diamond

Cooking Pans

Every home needs a frypan! Frying pans are essential for searing, frying and browning everything from fish and meat to vegetables. It is probably the most used cookware piece in every kitchen across Australia.

Grill pans have also become increasingly popular as compact living doesn’t allow for a BBQ, particularly in apartment blocks in Australia due to fire safety regulations. They are also a lot more convenient than using a barbecue, particularly in Winter when it's more comfortable to grill inside the comfort of your kitchen than outside. 

A lot of families also enjoy a good stir-fry and this makes woks commonplace in the Australian home. The shape of the pan is perfect for tossing and flipping anything from noodles or deep frying ingredients like prawns.

Saute pans are also very popular. They have more depth than a fry pan and more often than not come with a matching lid. This allows you to not only sear, fry or brown but also lock in moisture for steaming during the cooking process. Without the lid, a saute pan is a deep frypan.

Cooking Pots

Every home needs a saucepan just like they need a fry pan. Saucepans are essential for boiling, heating and reheating liquids. A key factor when choosing a saucepan is considering if you require a matching lid to ensure moisture and heat retention. 

Casseroles are another essential in the home. Whether you make stews, curries or casseroles, this deep pot is ideal for starting the browning process on your stovetop and then covering with a lid to simmer or even placing into the oven for slow cooking. A beautiful Dutch Oven is another great option, as they are versatile to be used on the stove to the oven and look fantastic to serve straight to the table. 

Stockpots are also commonplace in the home. They are not just for making soups but also the perfect pot for boiling pasta for the family.

Cookware set vs individual pieces

cookware set is a good idea if you don’t own any existing cookware or if your kitchen is often busy cooking up a storm. If this is you, our wide selection of non-stick cookware sets, induction cookware sets, and stainless steel cookware sets come in different set numbers and selections. If your kitchen is less busy and most of your cooking is completed with the same few cookware, it is more economical to go for individual pieces. Because you are selecting these pieces yourself, they will also be more suited to your needs.

Popular Cookware Materials 

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel cookware is known for being low-maintenance as it is corrosion-resistant, metal utensil safe, and suitable for use in the dishwasher. It’s also a low-tox option that does not leach into foods and the metal is non-reactive to ensure your cookware will not react with acidic foods. 


Non-stick surfaces are well-loved for offering easy food release and quick cleaning and is probably the most popular cookware type used at homes in Australia. non-stick cookware usually requires little oil, making it great for healthy cooking as well. Ceramic coated non-stick cookware is also known to be toxin-free even when overheated. 


Copper cookware is known to be the most responsive cookware as it heats up extremely fast and distributes heat evenly, ensuring there are no hot spots. Copper cooks food beautifully and is made to last forever. 

Cast Iron 

Cast Iron cookware is extremely hardy and able to withstand high heat, making it suitable for use on an open fire, stovetop, induction stoves, in the oven, or under the grill. This indestructible material does not warp, dent, or chip, and is known for its amazing heat retention. Standard cast iron develops a natural non-stick surface when well seasoned, and enamelled cast iron is non-reactive to acidic foods. 

Carbon Steel 

Carbon steel cookware is the favoured material when it comes to purchasing woks. This durable and versatile material is more lightweight and easy to manoeuvre than cast iron, yet it is able to tolerate high heat. Seasoned carbon steel is also effortlessly non-stick. 


Aluminium cookware is second to only copper when it comes to conducting heat. Usually available anodised or with a non-stick coating, this material is known to heat up quickly and evenly. Non-stick aluminium cookware offers easy food release and hard anodised aluminium is durable, non-reactive to acidic foods, scratch-resistant, and won’t leach into your dishes. 


Ceramic cookware is beautiful to look at and great to cook. Most baking dishes, casserole pots, pie dishes and baking trays are made from ceramic as it provides efficient heat transfer, is as good as non-stick and is toxic-free. 


What cookware do I need?

We always recommend customers answer the following questions when selecting pots and pans:

  • What do you cook most often?
  • Do you require induction compatibility? This is important as if you have an induction stove, you will require induction-compatible cookware.
  • Is food release and low-fat cooking important to you?
  • How many serves are you looking to cook on average?
  • What is your budget?

Once you answer each of these questions, 9 out of 10 times you will be able to make the right selection on cookware for your home. If you need help understanding and selecting the right cooking pieces from our broad cookware range, the customer service team at Everten will be more than happy to assist you both in providing advice and sharing knowledge. Feel free to contact us via phone, email or live chat so we can help you select the best cookware to suit your kitchen! 

What is the longest-lasting cookware?

Cast iron cookware is one of the longest lasting cookware and with the proper care and seasoning, it can even last for decades. Cast iron material is extremely durable, retains heat very well, and provides a natural non-stick surface over time giving you for exceptional cooking results. Cast iron cookware is versatile for everyday cooking and will meet all your searing, sautéing, baking, frying, braising and roasting needs. 

Need help choosing the right cookware?

Our customer service team will love to help you find the right cookware for your needs and budget. Our team is highly knowledgeable on the latest cookware trends including which brands have advances in the technology of production for more durable non-stick cookware and the newest features. They also thoroughly test most of the cookware brands we sell at home, so you can trust us for an unbiased opinion on which cookware types and brands are best suited for you!