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If you're looking for a lunchbox, lunch bag or bento box for work or school you've come to the right place. We have a huge range of options, styles and sizes including insulated lunch bags or lunch boxes with compartments to separate foods including popular modern bento boxes.

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Lunch boxes are now the top of many shopping lists with more people opting to save money by packing lunch or prefer healthier home packed options over takeway. We have an incredible range of attractive and functional lunch boxes, lunch bags and bento boxes from brands like Sachi, Avanti, Monbento & more. Whether you need an insulated lunch bag to keep food cool and fresh for hours or a bento box to separate certain food, our wide online selection has you covered! All of our lunch boxes are free of BPA, PVC and lead, with a range of material types to suit your needs and preferences including plastic-free, glass and stainless steel options.

Choosing the right lunch box or lunch bag

When it comes to selecting the right lunch box or lunch bag for yourself or your kids, these are a few types we recommend considering:

  • Insulated Lunch Bags: if you don't have access to a fridge at work or are packing school lunches, consider an insulated lunch bag. These lunch bags can be stored in the fridge or freezer the night before with built-in thermal cooling properties and removable freezer packs. An insulated lunch bag will keep your food fresh for longer and prevent it spoiling from heat, especially on hot summer days. We have a range of suitable adult lunch bags as well playful designs for kids. 

  • Airtight Lunch Boxes: ever spilled something in your bag or cleaned out your child's school bag after their left-over lunch has gone everywhere? You need an airtight food storage containerfood flask or lunch box. These are great for storing soups and other liquid foods without worrying about spillage. 

  • Bento Boxes: these have become increasingly popular over the years especially as we've become more mindful of balancing our kids' diets as well as our own. Bento boxes allow you to easily separate different types of food to stop them from getting soggy or spoiled. Available in a range of styles and compartment combinations, bento boxes also are fun to get creative with and ensure you pack a range of nutritious options- great for those on balanced diets or kids that are fussy eaters! We stock a range of adult bento boxes as well as fantastic kids' bento boxes with bright colours and printed designs. 

  • Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes: a great plastic-free option for those that are environmentally conscious and want to avoid using plastic or need something more durable than glass lunch boxes. Many of our stainless steel lunch boxes are tight sealing so they won't leak, are hygienic and don't leach or react with foods.

The best lunch box and lunch bag brands

Our favourite types of lunch box brands that we recommend are:

Bentgo: Bentgo leak-proof bento boxes for kids and adults that are adequately sized to fit your average sandwich and snacks. Perfect for school or work, picnics and camping trips! They're also BPA-free and top-shelf dishwasher safe for everyday use. 

Sachi: Commonly known for their stylish wine purses, wine totes and insulated picnic baskets. They have however expanded their range wider with fantastic insulated backpacks for preschool kids, cooler bags for barbecues and picnics as well as lunch totes that have integrated insulation so you can pre-pack and store in the fridge overnight to make the morning rush that much easier.

Packit: We love Packit lunch bags for their durable insulated lunch bags as well as clever lunch box containers that have adjustable dividers to fit and food separaors. Available in a range of styles and designs for both adults and kids. 

Monbento: Made in France, Monbento lunch boxes are probably the most stylish on this list of lunchbox brands. From their clever stackable bento boxes that are microwave-safe to their airtight sealing snack boxes, Monbento has a great selection of well-design and made boxes that ooze French style and European quality. 

Avanti Lunch Boxes: A popular choice for their reputation for being great quality yet affordable, Avanti Dry Cell Stainless Steel containers are available in a range of sizes, while they also have a huge range of kids bento boxes within their Avanti Yum Yum Bento Box range. Wanting an insulated lunch bag? They have a fantastic range of adult lunch bags with modern patterns with hard-wearing handles and straps to make them easy for taking on public transport and commuting to work.

What else should I consider when buying a lunch box or lunch bag?

To complement your lunch box or lunch bag purchase, we recommend you also browse our range of:

  • Travel Cutlery Sets which are compact and easy to carry in your lunch bag or backpack, ideal if you are packing fresh salads or last night's dinner for lunch.

  • Water Bottles to stay hydrated. We have a great range of insulated drink bottles with tight-seals to ensure they won't leak and will keep your drink cold for hours. 

  • Travel Mugs want to keep soup or other beverages hot or cold for longer? An insulated travel mug or reusable coffee cup is up to the task.

  • Food Flasks want to take a hot meal to work like a curry or soup? An insulated food flask is perfect, especially for kids for school or those who work on the road or outdoors without access to a microwave to heat up their lunch especially in winter.