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Create delicious stews, soups or stocks with a quality stock pot or soup pot. We stock a fantastic selection of stock pots from leading cookware brands from around the world loved by Australian chefs and cooks.

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Finding the right stock pot

Finding the right stock pot

If you need a large cooking pot for making soup, pasta sauces, chicken or vegetable stock then opt for a stock pot. These pots feature tall, narrow sides to cook large volumes of liquid and ensure slower evaporation than a wider pot. Stockpots are also ideal for boiling foods like pasta or whole potatoes, particularly when larger serves are needed. A stock pot is also a handy cookware piece for efficient batch cooking. We have some of the best soup pots and stewpots from world renowned brands ScanpanLe CreusetEssteeleTefalWoll and more, at the best prices online in Australia. 

Stock pot materials

Your cookware material affects the weight, durability, heat conductivity, and maintenance of your cookware. Below are the most commonly purchased stockpot materials: 

Cast iron potsWhile they are heavier and take longer to heat up, cast iron cookware retain heat well, ideal for keeping your soups, stocks, or stews warmer for longer. Some cast iron stockpots are enamelled to make cleaning simple and add style to your kitchen.

non-stick stock pots: Lightweight with a non-stick coating on the interior to ensure food and sauces do not stick, non-stick stockpots make cleaning a breeze. However, they do not conduct heat well so look for one with an aluminium inner layer for better heat distribution.

Stainless Steel stock pots: Stainless steel stockpots are light yet highly durable and resistant to corrosion. These stockpots are low maintenance and provide even heating, ideal for any kitchen.

Ceramic stock pots: Ceramic is generally thicker than other materials, providing even heat distribution while retaining heat well. 

The ideal stockpot size

Stock pots sizes commonly range from 7.5 litre to 19 litres to cater to different needs. For home cooks, we recommend an 11 litre stockpot ideal for most kitchen tasks. 

Other features to consider

Stovetop compatibility: It’s crucial to make sure your pot works on your stovetop type before purchasing. Whether you have a gas, electric, induction, or a ceramic stovetop, we have a range of stockpots to suit all cooktops including induction stock pots

Lid: A stock pot lid is great for keeping heat in and preventing your stock or soup from splashing out while boiling or simmering. 

Handles: Stock pots can be quite heavy when filled - you’ll want sturdy handles that stay cool as you carry your cookware from stovetop to table.

Built-in colander: Stock pots with a colander included eliminates the additional step required when cooking pasta or straining stock. If you make pasta and stock regularly, this feature will come in handy.

Stockpot vs soup pot

While stock pots and soup pots can sometimes be used interchangeably, the differences in their design makes them excel in different areas of cooking. The stock pot’s higher rims, thinner and lighter base allows liquid to be heated up quickly and evenly, ideal for vegetable or bone broth, slow cooked food, boiled foods, and more. The soup pot or casserole pot has shorter rims with a thicker base for higher heat cooking, ideal for stews, curry, rice and vegetables. While you can also use a soup pot to make stocks, the stock pot’s higher capacity makes it easier to fit more ingredients.

Our favourite stock pot and soup pot brands

  • Family-run and owned in France, Emile Henry produce high quality flame ceramic stewpots sure to bring out the full flavours of your dish. 
  • Loved for their eye-catching enamelled cast iron cookware made in France, Le Creuset’s exceptional quality cookware is made to last for generations in your family. 
  • Scanpan is one of the leading cookware brands in Europe renowned for producing long-lasting cookware with exceptional cooking performance while offering great value for money. 

Utensils and accessories to complement your stock pot or soup pot 


Is a saucepan the same as a stockpot?

Both stockpots and saucepans are used for liquid based dishes, but these cookware have different uses. The stock pot’s much larger capacity makes it possible to make broth and stock without boiling over while the saucepan is great for making sauces like caramel sauce and more. The stock pot’s two loop handles are designed for transporting heavier loads while the saucepan typically comes with a single long handle for swirling sauces and removing your saucepan from the heat. 

Can I slow cook using a stockpot? 

Yes! Slow cooking on a stovetop using a stock pot allows you to have full control of the heat source. We recommend using a heavy based stock pot ideally made from stainless steel for this purpose. Once your food is cooked, you can remove it from the liquid and thicken and reduce the sauce prior to serving.