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Induction Cookware Sets

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Do you have a new kitchen with induction stovetop, just moved into a new home with induction or simply wanting to upgrade your old induction cookware? Browse our range of induction cookware sets at Everten available in a range of pot and pan combinations from leading cookware brands.

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Induction Cookware Sets Australia

Induction cooktops have become increasingly popular over the years, featuring in many new homes. Induction cookware features sleek designs, easy-to-clean surfaces and provides a superb even heat source. Even professional chefs who cater tend to favour induction pans when it comes to portable cooktops. 

Stocking the ultimate range of induction cookware sets from the world's greatest cookware brands, we have selected combinations ranging from multiple-sized induction frypan sets to large induction cookware sets.

Buying the right induction cookware set 

Induction cookware requires a special heat source in order to work. A key factor to note is that all induction pots and pans must be made from magnetic material to work on induction cooktops. Using electromagnetic energy, the induction cookware is heated from within instead of the exterior bottom surface—providing faster and even heat distribution. Investing in an induction cookware set, rather than purchasing induction cookware individually, can save you money and allow you to have the most commonly used cookware items. We offer a range of induction cookware sets to suit an array of cooking cuisines, in a combination of sizes. 

The best induction pots and pans for fast and slow cooking

For slow cooking, go for induction cooking pots with a heavier base. A thicker base reacts slower to the cooking zone and typically takes longer to heat up but will give you more even and consistent heating. It’s also versatile and great for cooking all sorts of meals that require hours to cook. These bases are usually thick and made of aluminium with a steel cap in the base or cast iron.

For fast cooking, get a stainless-steel layered base as they heat up quicker and react faster to changes in temperature. The pans feature a thinner base and require a bit more attention as they may be prone to overcook, burn and stick (unless it’s a non-stick pan). These pans are great for boiling and steaming.

Which cookware material is the best?

The best material for induction cooktop pans are cast iron, steel or stainless steel pans as these materials are best for conducting heat. If you’re not sure whether you have induction-compatible cookware, look out for the symbol or do a magnet test.

  • Stainless steel - a popular choice and favoured by cooks and chefs because it’s robust, durable and also non-reactive to most types of food. Stainless steel is one of the best conductors of heat and makes the perfect combo with aluminium bases.
  • Cast iron - features durable construction with a thick and heavy base that can last for a lifetime with proper care. Cast iron cookware takes longer to heat but retains heat very well, making it ideal for keeping your stews, pasta and other dishes warm till dinner time. 
  • Aluminum/copper - a good conductor of heat, lightweight, affordable and resistant to rust. This durable material alone is incompatible with induction; however, a stainless steel plate on the base of aluminium or copper makes it induction compatible. The plate produces heat from the induction stove and transfers it through the rest of the pan.

Best non-stick induction cookware in Australia

Many home cooks favour non-stick cookware as it makes it easy for food to release and prevents burnt bits from sticking for easy cleaning. The Chasseur Cinq Etoiles Hard Anodised Cookware 5 Piece Set is a great option for a standard family of 3 to 5. This set offers a superior PFOA-free non-stick surface for easy food release, and its hard anodised steel construction ensures it is tough enough to withstand any kind of cooking. The Anolon X Seartech Non-stick Cookware is another great option for a non-stick induction set, as it features a hybrid non-stick surface where the oil stays in the middle of the pan to ensure a perfect sear and distributes heat evenly for optimal cooking results. 

Brands we love and trust

Everten offers a wide range of high-quality induction cookware brands that will suit every kitchen. Find a range of the best brands we love and trust:

Premium Cookware Brands made in Europe:

Quality Cookware Brands made in Europe:

Other kitchen accessories to consider when purchasing induction cookware

Whether you’re cooking for two or preparing a large feast for a dinner party, you may want to include these additional kitchen tools or accessories to help in your meal prep and table setting.


How do I know if my pans are induction-compatible?

A quick and easy way to check if your existing cookware is suitable on an induction stove top, is to place a magnet at the bottom surface of your pan or pot. If the magnet sticks well, your cookware is induction compatible. If the magnet pull is weak, it may not work well with your induction cooktop. If there’s zero pull, it is not induction compatible cookware and will not emit heat into the pan or pot. 

Is induction cooking better than gas?

Using an induction cooktop requires electromagnetic energy, which heats up the base of the pan directly, whereas a gas cooktop uses a burner that does not have indirect heat contact with the pan’s surface. It offers more control over heat than gas which will help prevent food from burning easily—another reason why some chefs prefer using induction cooktops and pans.

What are the benefits of induction cookware?

Whether it's your trusty induction saucepan set or your favourite induction pots, there are many advantages to investing in induction cookware:

  • Heats up food quicker and provides even heat distribution better than gas or electric 
  • Induction cookware is more energy efficient compared to gas 
  • Induction stoves and cooktops offer precise temperature control
  • It is a much safer way to cook compared to an open flame
  • Easy to clean 

What are the best induction cookware sets in Australia?

The best induction cookware depends on the type of material you prefer. Whatever your cookware preferences, we offer a fantastic selection of cookware designed for induction cooktops. If you prefer a low maintenance, hard-wearing and are on a budget, go for a stainless steel induction set like the Scanpan Impact 5 Piece Cookware Set. If you prefer non-stick cookware and are willing to spend more for a premium and highly durable non-stick that is made in Switzerland, go for the Swiss Diamond XD Induction 6 Piece Set. For those who own a small kitchen or don’t require a large set, the Wolstead Mineral 2 Piece Non Stick Set is all you need for essential everyday cooking.