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The Largest Range of Cookware Sets Online. Shop Nonstick, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel & Copper Cookware Sets for Electric, Induction & Gas Cooktops.

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If you’re considering purchasing a new cookware set or updating your existing cookware set, we’ve got you covered! We stock a large range of high-quality cookware sets, from the best cookware brands from around the world. 

Backed with Australian distributor warranties and featuring genuine customer reviews to assist in your search, you can be sure you’re purchasing peer-reviewed and approved cookware sets with peace of mind. 

With our extensive range of stainless steel, non-stick and induction-compatible cookware sets, you’re sure to find the right cookware set based on your cookware preference or cooktop suitability. 

Choosing the right cookware set

Whether you’re a professional chef or someone who spends a lot of your spare time in the kitchen cooking, a cookware set is worth investing in! Purchasing a cookware set rather than individual cookware pieces is more cost-effective while also providing an instant variety of pots and pans so you can cook various dishes and cuisines.

Here are a few factors to consider before purchasing a cookware set:

Type: Do you need a set of frypans or saucepan sets? Or do you need a set of specialty pans that include a stockpotwok, or roasting pan? Think about the different types of dishes you cook regularly to help you choose the right set.

Size: There are various combination cookware sets and sizes for singles, couples or for a large crowd. Some may only need a frypan and saucepan set instead of a five-piece cookware set.

Space: Cookware sets take up space in your kitchen, so think about the type of cookware you often reach out for when cooking. For smaller-sized kitchens, we recommend the Woll Diamond Lite set with detachable handles to save cabinet space.

Material: The material of your pan’s surface matters based on the dishes you often cook. Choose a non-stick cookware set for easy food release and ease of cleaning. Stainless steel cookware has excellent cooking performance, requires little maintenance and is an affordable option.  

What does a cookware set include?

A cookware set includes different combinations of pans and pots depending on what you're looking for. Before you decide on the material, it’s important to know what you should include in your kitchen. 

Here are some of the most common items found in sets of pots and pans:

What are the most common materials for cookware sets?

Non-stick Cookware Sets

We have a broad range of Non-Stick Cookware Sets available from European brands like Scanpan (made in Denmark), Woll (made in Germany), Essteele (made in Italy) and Swiss Diamond (made in Switzerland). These brands are known to manufacture the best non-stick cookware on the market with a reputation for being long-lasting, having higher heat thresholds than regular non-stick cookware brands and also backed by lifetime warranties. 

We'd recommend a non-stick cookware set if you’re looking for convenience as the non-stick coatings are very easy to clean and allow you to also cook with a reduced amount of oil. The downside of non-stick cookware is that it can only be cooked within a certain temperature range. If the pan is under extreme heat for an extended period, it can damage the cooking surfaces or lead to warping. We also recommend that you use nylon or silicone cooking utensils instead of metal utensils to reduce the chance of scratching the cooking surface and ensure the longevity of your non-stick pans. 

Stainless Steel Cookware Sets

If you love cooking on high heat, searing at higher temperatures and want a cookware set that is guaranteed to last, you may want to consider a Stainless Steel Cookware Set. This kind of cookware offers excellent durability, can be used with metal utensils and is easy to clean in the dishwasher or with steel wool. Stainless steel pans are also very versatile for searing food at very high temperatures, and we recommend a stainless steel cookware set like the Scanpan Impact that features a number of stainless steel layers with aluminium cores to ensure even heat conductivity and minimise heat spots and food burning prematurely, common with pans that are too thin. The downside of stainless steel cookware is that it can be difficult to clean compared to non-stick—dried cooking sauces will require a lot more labour to remove when cleaning and requires more oil when cooking to avoid sticking and burning.

Induction Cookware Sets

Induction stovetops have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to heat quickly and provide accurate temperature control. Using induction cookware allows heat to be transferred directly to the pans with electromagnetic energy instead of indirect heat like gas. This is a great safety feature, especially for young families with kids. You can find a variety of Induction Cookware Sets available, including stainless steel and non-stick ranges. 

Difference between frypans and sauté pans

The easiest way to understand the difference between these two pans is to notice the sides of the pan. If the pan has slanted sides, it is a frypan, and if the sides are straight, it is a sauté pan. A frypan usually has a shallow base with slanted sides to easily stir-fry, toss or flip ingredients. The straight sides of a saute pan feature a wider surface area allowing you to cook more liquids and preventing liquids from splashing out easily as you transfer from one spot to another. Keep in mind that both pans can perform similar tasks, but one pan may be better suited than the other.

Additional factors to consider when buying a cookware set

  • Detachable handles make it easy to transfer the pan from the stovetop to the oven 
  • Stackable pans save kitchen cabinet space making it ideal for studio apartments and small kitchens 
  • Glass lids allow you to view your contents in the pan and help seal in the full flavours of your dish 
  • Dishwasher-safe cookware makes cleaning quick and easy
  • Oven-safe pans are great for baking casseroles, pizzas and baked pasta dishes

Brands we know and love for the best cookware sets

Find a range of the most popular and loved cookware brands—trusted by our customers. 

Cookware Set FAQs 

  1. Is it cheaper to buy a cookware set? 

It ultimately depends on what you cook and how many you cook for on a daily basis. It is more economical to purchase a cookware set rather than buying individually as it will end up costing more in total. 

  1. What kind of cookware is best for everyday use?

For daily use, the most suitable cookware set would be a stainless steel set, as it's highly durable and versatile for cooking all sorts of dishes. Metal utensils are safe to use, and they can handle heavy cooking all day—cleaning up is a breeze because it's dishwasher safe. We recommend the Scanpan Impact 5 Piece Cookware Set for its superb cooking performance and durable cooking surface. For those with smaller kitchens, we recommend the Tefal Ingenio Stainless Steel Induction 3 Piece Pot Set.

  1. How often should you replace your cookware?

A decent quality cookware set should last between 5 to 10 years. It also depends on how frequently you cook and the type of material you use when cooking your dishes.