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Pasta Machines & Pasta Makers

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Authentic pasta made at home begins by using Italian pasta machines, ravioli tablets and pasta drying racks. We stock only the best pasta makers and pasta machine attachments from Italian-made Marcato as well as pasta cutting tools from Avanti

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Pasta Machines, Rolling Tablets and Pasta Drying Racks

While dried pasta may be very convenient, there is nothing like homemade pasta. Everten stock everything you need to make your own pasta from the Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine to ravioli tablets and pasta drying racks for making the pasta we are all familiar with, like spaghetti and ravioli to fettuccini and lasagne sheets.,

Drying homemade pasta is made very convenient by the use of an Avanti Pasta Drying Rack. Everten also supply the Gefu Ravioli Case Maker Set and Gefu Ravioli Moulds, and these are a very handy way to make delicious stuffed pasta.