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The perfect seared steak and vegetables with chargrilled lines can only be found with a quality grill pan or grill plate. Shop our range of grill pans, griddles and grill plates to suit a variety of stovetops and hob sizes right here at Everten.

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Australia is known for enjoying barbecues, so it comes as no surprise that the grill pan is probably the most popular used pan in the kitchen after the frying pan. Perfect for searing nice charred lines on a steak, lamb chops, chicken breast or even vegetables, a quality grill pan is an ideal substitute for a barbecue while also being able to separate fats while cooking. In addition to grilling meat, it is excellent for toasting bread and sandwiches. 

Choosing the right grill pan 

A grill pan comes in handy, especially when you don’t have an outdoor grilling space or barbeque. Grill pans mimic the traditional method of grilling your meats over a charcoal fire and offer a delicious smoky, flame-broiled quality of an outdoor grill. When shopping for a grill pan consider the following:

Size: Grill pans are most commonly available in two sizes: a square grill pan and a rectangle grill pan. A square-shaped grill pan can accommodate 1-2 slices of steak, whereas a rectangular grill can accommodate more. The Le Creuset Grillit range is a great option to consider for square grill pans as it ensures even heat distribution and features an adequate cooking area to accommodate two to four people, depending on what you cook.

Material: Grill Pans are available in cast iron pan, non-stick & stainless steel materials. Non-Stick Grill Pans are often the most commonly purchased as they’re low maintenance and don’t require seasoning. If you’re looking for longevity, then a cast iron grill pan is the best option as they’re durable and will last for decades when looked after properly.

Handles: Like the pan itself, grill pan handles range in materials such as cast iron, stainless steel and heat-resistant plastic. Consider what handle material you prefer or if you want a long handle that stays cool or side handles so you can easily transfer from stovetop to oven.

The difference between a grill pan and a griddle

A griddle can simply fry up foods and won’t give those crusty and smoky, char-grilled lines on your steaks, due to its smooth and flat surface. A grill pan has ridges that give your food char-grilled lines when cooking, keeping juices and grease separated during the cooking process.

Features and uses of a grill pan, griddle plate & grill plate

Grill Pan: A grill pan typically features a non-stick surface with raised ridges, ideal for grilling a variety of meat and vegetables, giving perfect charred lines and allowing grease to drip below for healthier cooking. Grill pans are also suitable for electric, gas, ceramic and induction hobs, depending on the material.

Griddle Pan: Generally, a griddle features a smooth and flat surface that’s ideal for cooking bacon, eggs, and sausages, as well as toasted sandwiches and quesadillas. Griddles are rectangular, which gives you a wider space to cook more food at the same time compared to a regular square pan.

Grill Plate: A grill plate is a combination of a grill pan and a griddle- giving you the best of both worlds. A grill plate typically has two sides: a grill section on one half while the other half remains a flat plate. This ensures added versatility for grilling your burgers and steaks while simultaneously frying eggs and bacon at the same time. 

You can also find reversible grilling plates/griddles that feature grooves on one side and a smooth flat surface on the other side, like the Lodge Cast Iron Logic Double Play Reversible Grill.

non-stick Grills Pans or Cast Iron Grill Pans 

A non-stick grill pan is a great option for those who grill regularly, offering easy cooking without the need for much oil while also being very easy to clean. They are generally lightweight, which makes them easy to handle, and a quality non-stick grill pan by brands like Scanpan or Woll provides great cooking performance that is made to last, with the latter also having removable handles so you can sear on the stove then finish by cooking in the oven.

Cast Iron Grill Pans are a more traditional favourite, particularly raw cast iron, as they can be used on higher heat temperatures than non-stick grill pans, providing the perfect sear. While generally much heavier than non-stick grill pans, a quality raw cast iron grill pan can not only provide the best cooking results, but offers longevity due to the material’s durability. Cast iron grill pans will, however, require occasional seasoning to ensure they build a natural patina to release food and prevent rust. 

Enamelled cast iron grill pans that are made in France from brands like Le Creuset or Staub remove the need for seasoning; however, they should only be used on low to medium heat to prevent the enamel from getting damaged. 

Cleaning and caring for your grill pans and griddles

Grill pans can be harder to clean when compared to a regular flat pan due to the ridges and grooves of the pan. Non-stick grill pans tend to be easier to clean but will not be able to withstand excessive scrubbing or the use of metal kitchen utensils. Uncoated pans are easier to withstand tough scrubbing and cleaning, but are more prone to food sticking. The best practice to ensure your pan is thoroughly cleaned is to hand wash it after every use.

Grill Pan Brands we know and love

Discover a range of well-crafted, high-quality grill pans, griddles and grill plates from world-renowned and local brands we love and trust. Here are some of our favourite brands for grill pans, griddles and reversible grill/griddles:

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Is it worth buying a grill pan?

A grill pan is worth investing in, especially if you don’t have a barbeque or space to grill outdoors. The pan’s grooves improve texture, creating a delicious crust on the surface of your steaks. A grill pan also adds flavour and colour to your dish giving you the perfect char marks. Many of our customers who purchase grill pans use them for camping or are in apartments where they do not have a balcony or are not allowed to barbecue.

Should I pick a grill pan or a griddle?

Pick the cooking surface based on what you want to cook most. Think about the space you have in your kitchen. If you usually cook just for one or two, a small grilling pan or griddle is ideal to stay on your countertop or small enough to fit inside your cabinet or drawer. Go for a larger grill pan or griddle if you’re cooking for the whole family or a big crowd.

If you can’t decide on a grill pan or a griddle, go for a grill plate or a reversible grill/griddle. It gives you the versatility of making pancakes, eggs and french toast on one side and grilling your steaks on the other side simultaneously.

Why would I choose a grill plate over a grill pan?

A grill plate is ideal for those who wish to cook a larger quantity of ingredients as well as separate them adequately when cooking. These usually require the use of two or more stovetop hobs to ensure they heat evenly across the entire plate. They're also useful for grilling large whole or half cuts of fish where a grill pan's length couldn't fit.