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When it comes to achieving razor-sharp edges on your knife blades and tools, whetstones or sharpening stones are an essential tool for any chef or home cook. Used to restore the dull edges on your kitchen knives and shears back to their optimal sharpness, we offer a broad range whetstones in various grit levels, allowing you to choose the right coarseness for your specific sharpening needs. From coarse grits for initial sharpening to finer grits for honing and polishing, as well as combination sets, our whetstones will return your knives to being sharp as new.

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Shop Whetstones and Sharpening Stones to sharpen your knives back to new

Even in our modern age, with so many different methods of Knife Sharpening available, many people still prefer to use a sharpening stone, or more commonly as it's known, a whetstone. As one of Australia's largest knife stockists and suppliers to some of the most renowned chefs locally, it is important that our customers are able to choose from the best knives on the market and have access to the best sharpening tools.

We proudly stock a broad range of sharpening whetstones from the largest knife brands like Japanese Global and Kasumi in various grit combinations to ensure that you are able to retain your knifes edges back to new. 

Which Whetstone grit should I sharpen my knives with?

Whetstones come in a variety of grits and sizes. Below is a basic guide to the various whetstone grit sizes available and what they're used for:

  • Less than 1000 grit whetstones are quite coarse and should be used for repairing knives with chipped edges
  • 1000 to 3000 grit whetstones are used for sharpening dull knives
  • 4000 to 8000 grit whetstones and above are known colloquially as Finishing Stones as their fine particles allow for finishing and refining knife edges

How do I take care of my whetstone? 

It's important that you follow the instructions given by the knife whetstone manufacturer as to how to care for each stone individually as the care for each grit type varies. As a rule of thumb:

Before use

Do not soak any whetstone that have a grit 3000 and above in water, these require only a small amount of water.

After using your whetstone

Ensure the whetstone is left to dry thoroughly. If you return your whetstone to its box while it is still damp, it may result in mould growing and will affect your whetstone's performance.