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Crepe Pans

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The perfect thickness of crepes or pancakes can only be achieved with a suitable crepe pan. Browse our range of crepe pans including non-stick and cast iron crepe pans from French brands like Le Creuset and Chasseur.

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The best crepe pans and pancake pans in Australia

A favourite among kids and adults alike, pancakes and crepes are the perfect breakfast or brunch option for those with a sweet tooth. However, making the perfect crepe or pancake can be hit-and-miss without the right cookware.

How to choose the best crepe pan or pancake pan

When choosing a quality crepe pan or pancake pan is important your pan disperses heat evenly to ensure consistency when cooking. For those who want an easy everyday pan, we'd recommend a Non-stick Crepe Pan as it is light, releases food with minimal oil or butter and is easy to clean.

For those who love traditional French crepes and making them the classic way, consider a Cast Iron pan as they tend to have a wider pan base with the benefit of conducting and retaining heat with ease, even on induction stovetops. One of our favourites is the Le Creuset Crepe Pan - the sloped sides and tilted handles are designed to make your task easier.

Crepe pans vs pancake pans

A crepe pan is designed with a wide flat base with shallow sides to easily turn and flip pancakes and crepes. A pancake pan is often interchangeable with a frying pan having higher sides and the advantage of cooking a wider variety of dishes typically made on a fry pan.

  • Shallow sides: Crepe pans are designed with shallow sides to allow for easy spreading of batter as well as turning and flipping of your crepe or pancake. A pancake pan has higher sides closer to that of a fry pan so that you can create thicker pancakes without the batter pouring out the sides.
  • Thin, flat base: Crepe pans have a thinner, flat base to ensure even heat distribution.

Features to consider when choosing a Crepe pan

  • Material: Crepe pans and pancake pans come in a variety of materials. The most popular are carbon steel, cast aluminium, and cast iron.
  • Size: Select a pan size that allows you to easily manoeuvre your pan as needed or provide the desired pancake or crepe size you want
  • Finish: A non-stick pan will make flipping and turning your crepe or pancake effortless, but when seasoned properly, a cast iron or carbon steel pan can be just as effective
  • Shape: Crepe pans and pancake pans are usually circular in shape but if you prefer something different, square-shaped crepe pans are a great option. Certain pans we stock have flared edges to allow for thicker crepes or pancakes, while others are completely flat for completely thin, roll able crepes. There are also several options that have purposely round sections to fill the batter to create consistently sized pancakes!

Benefits of a non-stick crepe pan

If you're worried about your crepes breaking or sticking to your pan, consider purchasing a non-stick crepe pan. Having a non-stick crepe pan will ensure your crepe or pancake releases easily from your pan without sticking and breaking when flipping your pancake or crepe. Shop non-stick crepe pans from top cookware brands such as ScanpanSwiss Diamond, and Tefal crepe pans.

Seasoning cast Iron crepe pans & pancake pans

Cast iron crepe pans are a great option for retaining heat and providing even heat distribution. Cast iron pans are also oven safe, and suitable for use on all stove tops including induction. If your cast iron crepe pan is not enamelled, then simply follow these easy steps to season your pan to create a non-stick surface:

  1. Clean your pan thoroughly and dry.
  2. Add a thin coating of oil to the surface of your pan.
  3. Let the oil heat in an oven set to 180 to 200°C for around 1 hour.
  4. When your pan has cooled, store it in a dry area.

Our Favourite Crepe Pan and Pancake Pan Brands

We offer only the highest quality crepe pans and pancake pans from renowned cookware brands. Shop our favourite brands including:

  • Le Creuset which have both their toughened non-stick crepe pans and enamelled cast iron crepe pans
  • Scanpan is renowned for their durable non-stick cookware made in Denmark.
  • Essteele is an Australian cookware favourite with their pans produced in Italy
  • Pyrolux is the brand of choice for affordable cookware on a budget without sacrificing quality
  • De Buyer is one of the world's most used commercial cookware brands with a focus on carbon steel pans for hospitality environments, loved by chefs.

Complement your new Crepe Pan or Pancake Pan with these accessories

Whether you're making crepes or pancakes, these accessories are essential to ease your food prep:


Why use a Crepe Pan?

While your non-stick frying pans can technically be used to make crepes and pancakes, you’ll need a specific pan for crepes to get a thin enough batter for the perfect crepe. The shallow sides of a crepe pan allows you to easily control and spread the batter evenly. The thinner flat base also ensures your crepe is heated evenly for the perfect crepe every time.

What is the difference between a crepe pan and a frying pan?

In a side-by-side comparison of a crepe pan and a frying pan, you’ll notice the dramatic difference between the side rims. The crepe pan comes with extremely shallow sides designed for making thin, evenly cooked crepes while a regular pan has higher sides for sauces, stir-fries, and more.

Can you use a crepe pan for omelettes?

Yes! More than making crepes and pancakes, your crepe pan can be used to make the perfect omelette, brown meats, cook fish, vegetables and more!