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Effortlessly slice through bone and meat with a quality meat cleaver or chinese cleaver. Browse our extensive range of chinese cleavers from globally recognised brands loved by chefs. Shop meat cleavers from Global, Victorinox, Wusthof, Shun & more.

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Meat Cleavers Online Australia

A meat cleaver is designed to chop effortlessly through bones or for dicing tough meat and tendons. A meat cleavers large blades are designed to be used with force on hard ingredients without chipping, whether it be cutting through chicken bones or through hard vegetables like pumpkin and sweet potato, a meat cleaver will slice these with ease.

Very popular with Eastern cooking, the Chinese cleaver knife is considered an essential in Asian kitchens, used for chopping meats to even finely dicing herbs like ginger or lemongrass. Placed on their sides, they're great for crushing garlic

When choosing a meat cleaver or Chinese cleaver, it's important to consider the blade thickness as some are designed to act as vegetable cleavers for fine chopping, whereas the other is specifically meant for chopping meat with a thicker blade to avoid breaking when used with force on bone.

Thankfully we stock a great range of Chinese cleavers & meat cleaver options including the German-made Wusthof Cleavers and Shun Cleavers which are made in Japan.