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A Lazy susan is a great way to share dishes on a table among friends and family, store condiments or even use to store and retrieve items with ease in your pantry or kitchen cupboards. Browse our extensive range that include wooden lazy susans available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit any table.

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Why the Lazy Susan is the perfect table addition

Why the Lazy Susan is the perfect table addition

Lazy Susan turntables are trays that swivel to share food among a table with ease. While very common in fine Chinese restaurants, a lazy susan is also great for everyday use when sharing various dishes at the table while eating with family or friends. Another common use of the lazy susan is storing items in cupboards and pantries to maximise your storage space.

Different uses of a lazy susan 

Lazy Susans are rotating serving boards used to easily share food while dining. They are also commonly used as pantry organisers to easily find food in your cabinet or pantry. They are useful for two reasons:

1. They make it easier for everyone to reach food or items at the table when serving food
2. They help to keep items organized and easily accessible when stored in your cabinet or pantry

The most common lazy susan materials 

Lazy susans are available in a range of materials including; wood, marble, stainless steel and plastic. The most commonly purchased lazy susans are; 

Wood: Wooden or bamboo lazy susans are often chosen for their design and presentation, adding an element of style to your table setting.

Plastic: More commonly used for storage and organisation in the pantry, bathroom or other areas of your house, these are typically chosen for conveninece rather than presentation. 

Different lazy susan sizes

When buying a lazy susan consider the size of your table, the number of people you typically have at your table, the amount of space you have and what you'll be using your lazy susan for. 

Large: If you have a large table or a lot of people at your table, you may want to choose a large lazy susan to ensure food is within reach when served. A good rule of thumb is to choose one at least 24 inches in diameter. 

Small: A small lazy susan is most often used for sharing dips, cheeses and snacks rather than main meals. This size is also great to utilise in other areas in youre home such as your bathroom or pantry as a convenient storage and organisation solution.  

Using a lazy susan to enhance your table presentation 

If you're entertaining guests or working in catering and events, presentation is key. Lazy suans create a unique and eye catching visual display when serving food. Your lazy susan can be used to create a grazing platter, serving fruits, canapes, cured meats, cheeses, dips and more. When using your lazy susan for serving and presentation wooden and marble lazy susans are among the most commonly chosen materials. 

The best lazy susan turntable brands 

We stock a range of tableware from popular brands from around the world. Shop lazy susans online from Australian brands and globally recognised brands like Maxwell & WilliamsSalt & PepperLiving TodayiDesign & more.   

Buying your lazy susan online at Everten 

We stock one of the largest online ranges of lazy susans! With a variety of brands, sizes and materials for sale, you're sure to find a lazy susan that suits your home aesthetic at Everten. We provide fast and free shipping on all orders over $100 Australia wide, as well as express delivery options if you need it sooner. Still have questions? Our customer service team are happy to assist you the phone, through emails or via LiveChat.  

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