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Vegetable & Food Choppers

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Prepare food quickly and efficiently with our selection of vegetable choppers from renowned kitchenware brands. Whether you need an onion chopper or a way to conveniently cut fruit and veg, we offer a range of food and vegetable choppers from trusted brands such as Avanti, Progressive, OXO, Dreamfarm and more.

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Perhaps one of the most unpopular jobs to do in a kitchen is chopping onions. It can be really uncomfortable; your eyes become sore and water profusely. Here at Everten we have a variety of tools and food choppers to make it easier for you. The best type of vegetable choppers for onions are those with an airtight container for the chopped onions. The Progressive Onion Chopper does the job really well and can be used to store unused onions in the fridge. See also the originalAlligator Onion Chopper, and the Gefu Cubico Onion Cutter. Most of the food & vegetable choppers here can be used to dice other types of vegetable too.