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Non Stick Cookware Sets

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A non-stick cookware set makes cooking easy with a quality non-stick surface that releases food with ease, reduces dependence on cooking oil and provides fast clean-up. Browse our range of non-stick cookware from leading European cookware brands and find a non-stick cookware set that can allow you to cook a variety of dishes while offering great value then purchasing each cookware piece individually.

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Why choose non-stick cookware sets?

Non-stick cookware is the most commonly used cookware in Australian homes, mostly due to the ease of use and simple clean-up. Convenient for cooking eggs, pancakes, frying steaks and more with little need for cooking oil, we offer a huge range of non-stick cookware sets to improve your cooking and make it easy for everyday use from a variety of leading cookware brands. 

Food Doesn't Stick 

The non-stick coating on the cookware ensures easy food release from the pan, ideal for cooking delicate foods such as pancakes, fish, omelettes, and more. Use a good quality non-stick fry pan to make evenly cooked pancakes, or fry some fish for lunch.

Healthier Cooking 

Cooking with non-stick cookware requires little to no oil, allowing you to significantly cut down on the use of oil in your dishes without worrying about food sticking. Those with specific dietary needs will appreciate this as food still tastes great with less fat used. 

Low Maintenance 

As food and grime does not cling to non-stick pans, cleaning up is simple. Simply wash with water and detergent, dry and store it away for next use. For those who enjoy rice dishes, non-stick saucepans will make an essential addition to your home as it’s easier to clean away the rice after cooking.

Unlike cast iron cookware which requires seasoning to maintain a non-stick surface, non-stick pans require no special treatment. Simply wash, dry, and easily store your non-stick pan until the next use. 

Stylish Design

Struggling to match your cookware to your kitchen style? Non-stick cookware is usually designed with a sleek shape and comes in black to complement any kitchen aesthetic. They will look beautiful hung on your kitchen wall and even better on your stovetop. 

What are the best brands of non-stick cookware sets?

When it comes to selecting a non-stick cookware set, it's important to know what combination of cookware you will need as well as understanding the unique selling points of each. The brands and collections that we choose to sell are specifically chosen for having higher temperature thresholds than common non-stick cookware brands, which generally is a sign of longevity. Below are some of the non-stick cookware brands offering the best non-stick cookware sets we recommend and why. 

Scanpan non-stick Cookware Sets

Scanpan Cookware is one of the leading non-stick cookware brands in the world, with all of their non-stick cookware being PFOA-free and produced in Denmark. Made using 100% recycled aluminium in their construction, Scanpan's non-stick known as Stratanium is hard-wearing and backed by a 10-year guarantee on workmanship.

Tefal Cookware

Our selection of Tefal non-stick cookware sets are all made in France and are the perfect balance of quality and affordability. Tefal’s range of non-stick pans are all PFOA-free including their patented Thermo-signal which will glow red when the pan is at a suitable temperature to start cooking. 

Essteele Cookware

Another affordable brand that we recommend is Essteele Cookware, which has long been an Australian cookware favourite. Essteele's non-stick cookware is made in Italy and is the perfect balance of quality and durability with affordability. Their Per Bellezza range is a non-stick that is reinforced with mineral particles for extra durability, while their Per Domani non-stick cookware, like Tefal, is titanium reinforced. 

Do’s and Don’ts for Non-stick Cookware 


Do use low to medium heat when cooking 

Your non-stick cookware works best at lower or medium heat settings. Keep your non-stick surface in pristine condition by cooking in the recommended heat setting. 

Do clean your non-stick cookware using non-abrasive scrubs

Steel wool, rough cleaning cloths, or pads will damage and wear away your non-stick surface. Keep your non-stick surface protected by cleaning it with pads and scrubs that are not abrasive. 


Do not pre-heat your pan empty 

Pre-heating an empty pan may make the pan too hot, which in turn damages the non-stick surface. Don’t worry, even without pre-heating, your food will still achieve a good browning in a non-stick cookware. 

Do not use cooking spray 

Cooking sprays may cause build ups on the surface of your non-stick pans which are difficult or impossible to remove. When this happens, the pans will feel sticky and won’t release food as easily.

Do not cut food in your non-stick pan 

The sharp edge of knives may damage your non-stick surface, making your pan unusable. Using sharp edges or metal utensils may also damage your pan. Prevent your non-stick pan from getting damaged by using plastic or silicone spatulas and turners

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it ok to use metal utensils with non-stick pans?

If you are looking to preserve the non-stick coating on your pans for longer, we highly recommend the use of silicone or nylon-tipped cooking utensils instead. While there has been some incredible improvements in the durability of non-stick cookware, including many brands we sell where the manufacturer states the pans are metal utensil safe, it's important to know that using sharp or abrasive utensils can damage the non-stick coating or diminish its non-stick properties faster. Cutting or scraping with metal into the non-stick surface can cause the pan to prematurely flake or peel, and possibly leach into your food when cooking. For this reason and to preserve your pans, we recommend always using non-stick-friendly utensils when cooking and serving.

Are non-stick pans dishwasher safe?

Yes, while many non-stick pans are dishwasher-safe, we highly recommend handwashing the pans to preserve their longevity as certain strong detergents, particularly those used in domestic dishwashers, can damage the non-stick coating on the pan.

Is non-stick cookware toxic?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding non-stick cookware and whether or not it is safe to use. Some experts say that it is perfectly safe to use as long as you use it properly and don't overheat the pan. Others say that the chemicals used to make non-stick cookware can be released into the food when the pan is heated, which can be harmful.

So, what's the verdict? Is non-stick cookware safe or not? The truth is the controversy around non-stick started with PTFE non-stick coatings, commonly known as Teflon, being combined with another chemical known as PFOA to produce non-stick cookware. This combination is known to be harmful to human health and the environment with evidence that it can increase the risk for cancer. However, since 2013, no Teflon or PTFE product has been made with PFOA. 

It is important that when using non-stick cookware, you use it according to the recommended usage instructions set by the manufacturer as using non-stick on too high of a heat will not only deteriorate your pan's non-stick, but can also burn the non-stick surface and render it toxic. Browsing our range of non-stick cookware sets, you will find that many of the brands that we stock have far higher temperature thresholds, making them safer to cook with and more durable than other non-stick cookware sets on the market.