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Want a way to cook and reheat dishes faster than using a conventional oven? Microwaves are very economical and efficient, becoming a household staple in many kitchens as well as workplaces around Australia but is mostly used to reheat pre-cooked foods or defrosting. In recent years however, there's been an introduction of cookware specifically designs to cook using the microwave to be both efficient, healthy and convenient.

At Everten we stock some of the most popular brands of microwave cookware as well as a diverse range of microwave-safe food containers to choose from.

Microwave cookware material 

There are a variety of choices available when choosing your microwavable cookware material. The most popular choices are plastic and glass microwave cookware with ceramic and silicone microwave cookware also common. Does that mean any plastic, glass, ceramic, or silicone dish can be used in the microwave? Not exactly. We recommend looking out for the microwave-safe logo on your cookware before attempting to cook with it in the microwave for safety purposes.

Microwave Cooking is healthier

Microwave cooking is not only convenient, but it’s also more nutritious! Steaming is considered to be one of the healthiest ways of cooking, and this is often the method used in microwave cookery. Cooking in the microwave also takes less time and only requires a small amount of liquid, resulting in more nutrients retained when compared to other cooking methods. A good example is steaming broccoli, it only takes 2 to 4 minutes in the microwave but 5 to 6 minutes in a saucepan. Even a few minutes make a big difference when it comes to nutrient loss.

Microwave Cooking Ideas 

Microwave containers have certainly made progress; the dishes you can cook in your microwave are almost endless. Other than steaming, other common methods of microwave cooking include defrosting, cooking grains, and making desserts. 


Steaming in the microwave is highly energy-efficient and quick—all you need is a few spoonfuls of water and a cover. In a few quick minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy deliciously cooked dishes with their vibrant colours and nutrients intact. 


Thawing frozen meat or fish is a simple yet delicate process; your microwave can help speed up the process. While some do not suggest defrosting in the microwave, when done correctly, this is a great method to speed up the thawing process. 

Cook rice, pasta, and more 

Whether it’s rice, pasta, risotto, and more, every household has a go-to grain base to complement stir-fried dishes, sauces, stews, and much more. Save yourself the hassle of constantly checking on your dish and enjoy perfectly cooked rice or noodles in a matter of minutes. 


Have a sweet tooth? Make desserts right in your microwave! One-cup mug cakes, brownies, custard and more, your microwave can make incredible desserts with only a few ingredients in your kitchen. Quick and easy, savour a sweet treat in a matter of minutes 

Our Favourite Microwave Cookware Brands 

  • Discover Anyday time-saving microwave cookware perfect for not only storing and reheating food but cooking delicious dishes from scratch. Carefully designed and expertly crafted with high-quality materials, Anyday Cookware features a stunning frosted finish and airtight lids that lock in steam perfectly for creating delicious, evenly cooked dishes each time.
  • Well-known for iconic British-designed gadgets that make everyday kitchen tasks easier, Joseph Joseph’s space-efficient kitchenware is a must for your home. Make perfectly fluffy rice, sweet desserts, and more with Joseph Joseph’s innovative and stylish microwave cookware ideal for contemporary homes. 
  • Based in the US, Progressive’s extensive range of innovative kitchenware and accessories is sure to make your kitchen task a breeze. Durable and functional, the brand’s microwave cookware will have delicious and healthy meals on the table in no time.

Other Accessories and Utensils to consider when buying Microwave Cookware

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it safe to cook in a microwave? 

Yes! According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), food that was cooked in a microwave has the same nutrient value and is just as safe as food that was cooked using a conventional oven. The only difference is that microwave energy is able to reach deeper parts of the food and takes less time to completely heat food, thus speeding up the cooking time. 

Does microwave cooking save energy? 

Yes! When compared to cooking using an oven, the microwave uses as much as 80% less energy to cook smaller portions of food. Microwaves are very efficient when it comes to transferring heat to food.