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Australia's most popular Japanese knives, Global has been producing quality, balanced kitchen knives for over 30 years. Crafted in Japan and featuring their uniquely dimpled handles that have become iconic, Global knives offer fantastic value for money and performance and are ideal for those who want durable, quality stainless steel knives that stay sharp and are low maintenance.

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A Global knife is the perfect blend of tradition, innovation, Japanese style and precision. It was in the year 1985 that Yoshikin company in Japan revolutionised the modern knife set with Global knives. The edge of a Global knife is the most important feature and it’s still produced in signature style. Instead of a typical bevelled edge, Global knives had a milled edge that made it dramatically sharper and easier to maintain for a longer time. The unique dotted grip and bolster-less blade design set Global knives apart. Without a bolster, they offer easy sharpening, ensuring long-lasting cutting precision. These knives are an integral part of the Australian market today and are our best-selling brand of knives.

We offer the Global Knives with lifetime manufacturer warranty against workmanship defects.

What are the best Global Knife Blocks?

Readily access all your favourite knives within reach with a Global knife block. From compact blocks suitable for smaller kitchens to larger ones capable of accommodating a comprehensive knife set, Global has the ideal knife block to suit your specific requirements.Below are some of our most popular knife blocks:

The Global Ikasu 7 Piece knife block set — our best selling knife block set for years

The Global Takumi 6 piece block — minimalist in design, the knives sit on a magnetic block making for easy identification and quick access. These are available in different wood finishes including Maple, Walnut and Bamboo.

Which are the most popular Global knives?

The most popular used Global knives by both home cooks and chefs are:

Global Chefs Knife G2—a true workhorse in the kitchen, capable of handling a wide range of cutting tasks with ease, including chopping, slicing, dicing, and mincing. The G2 chef knife is a favourite among professional chefs and home cooks.

The G5 Nakiri Vegetable Chopper—a traditional Japanese blade that effortlessly cuts through vegetables, creating clean and uniform slices.

Global Bread Knife G9—a serrated blade that effortlessly glides through crusty bread and delicate pastries without squashing or tearing them. This bread knife ideal for handling various sizes of loaves, bread rolls and even even large artisanal loaves.

The compact yet highly versatile G12 meat cleaver—aids in delivering forceful chopping motions, making it an ideal tool for cleaving through bones and larger cuts of meat.

Our favourite Global knife sharpeners

Global knife sharpeners are the perfect companions to keep your prized Global knives in top-notch condition. Designed with the same level of precision and craftsmanship as their knives, any Global knife sharpener will ensure that your blades retain their razor-sharp edge for precise and effortless cutting. These sharpeners are thoughtfully engineered to cater to the unique characteristics of Global knives, ensuring consistent and optimal results with every use. Whether you prefer manual sharpening with a whetstone or the convenience of a user-friendly electric sharpener, Global offers a range of sharpening tools to suit your preference and skill level.

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